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Hello Senior Community. Last night while leaving a store, I saw these two things. One I saw as I walked out of a store and one I saw as I was pulling up a couple of streets from my home. The big thing it reminded me of was this, there is lots of beauty in the world. You have to take a moment to see it and recognize it, but there is lots of it there. There was no rain yet there was a rainbow. That reminded me that anything is possible if you imagine it. Then I saw the sunset and it reminded me that everything has beauty if you look for it. So today, my plan is to notice as much beauty and good as I can. I will compliment people when I see it in them. I will notice and appreciate it personally, when I see it in my surroundings. Every time I do this, I find extra reasons to smile. Now, it’s your turn to find a reason to make yourself smile. We all have reasons to smile. We just have to recognize them. Have a great day everyone!