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Hello Senior Community. Today, I read an article by Beaumont Stroke Center that talked about STROKES, symptoms and reacting that is important to share. There is an easy way to assess if a stroke has occurred. The test is called FAST. This is not a full sage test. This is a test that The Heart Association promotes as a way of detecting stroke symptoms. This is the assessment that goes with the acronym FAST. F- is for facial drooping. Look at the subject to see if there is drooping of the face. Ask the person to smile. A is for arm weakness. Ask the subject to raise their arms above their head. Does one are have more numbness or weakness than the other. S is for stability. Ask the person able to stand. Are their motor skills as they were prior to your concern. Then T stands for talking. Does the subject appear to be slurring words or have difficulty say a sentence like the sky is blue.

Identifying and reacting to any of these symptoms quickly can be crucial to achieving proper treatment for a subject experiencing a stroke. Please remember it is important to react FAST by calling 911.

The acronym FAST can be an important factor to assisting a stroke victim. Knowing the symptoms and reacting quickly is very important to addressing long term symptoms.