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We have created these articles on various topics to provide you and your family with some useful information. If you have other questions about home care services or aging topics, just give us a call

Having Fun with Friends!

Hello Seniors, Families and Friends. Every now and then, I get to hang out with some really cool guys. Sometimes, they bring out the hot rods. This is what that looks like. Keep having fun seniors.

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A Thank You Note From One of Our Wonderful Clients

Hello Seniors, Families and Friends. Our caregivers love what we do. When you love what you do, you tend to do a great job. Please see the attached hand written note about one of our caregivers. It’s a wonderful day when a client writes a note of thanks as shown here. To receive the type […]

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10 Things Seniors Can Do Right Now For A Healthier Heart

February is American Heart Month and now is a great time for seniors and their families to take steps for better heart health. Doing things like changing your diet, exercising, and getting more sleep are all great lifestyle changes to make that will improve heart health in the long run. But there are also things […]

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Words of Wisdom From Our Weekly Coffee Group

Hello Seniors, Families and Friends. As many of you know, I have coffee weekly with a group I call my guys. My guys are a group of guys, mostly widowers, who have coffee and talk every week. Yes, I am younger than they are. I do remember most of this. One of the guys brought […]

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How To Help Your Senior Parent Find The Right Medical Care

When you start taking care of a senior parent that is aging in place, one thing that you may need to help them do is find appropriate medical care in their area. Finding good medical care can be overwhelming, especially for seniors. Navigating the maze of what providers are in the insurance network but also […]

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Should Seniors Make New Year’s Resolutions about Dietary Changes?

New Year’s resolutions are a great way for people to look at changes they want to make over the next year. Many people use that time to decide to radically change how they eat. Seniors might still be stuck in those habits, thinking it’s a good time to do so. But sometimes those changes might […]

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Supporting Your Senior When They Move In with You

Hello Seniors, Families and Friends. Many times, when a senior has a situation that pushes them to share space with a loved one, it can be very demoralizing and confusing for the person who has the need. Please recognize that the person who has the need in many situations are going through either mental, physical, […]

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The Essential Benefits of a Healthy Breakfast for Seniors

Everyone knows that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day,” but it’s especially true for older people. A healthy breakfast gives them a good start to the day and offers many benefits that support their well-being as a whole. If seniors typically struggle with breakfast, the elder care team and loved ones can […]

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What Signs Indicate That Seniors Might Be Losing Their Vision?

Changes in health come with aging, including changes to things like vision. This is one of those changes that can come on so slowly that it’s difficult to notice at first. The sooner seniors get help with their failing vision, the better. Companion care at home can be a huge help with this process, especially […]

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Another Great Review from a Wonderful Client!

Because of HIPAA, we’re not allowed to release clients names. Please see what our clients are saying about us below: Hi Vanessa. I just wanted to let you know that my mom loved RS and they already formed a bond. Haha. We are so happy she will be caring for my mom for the next […]

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