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Holiday Travel Plans: How to Travel Safely with Your Senior

Holiday Travel Plans: How to Travel Safely with Your Senior

The holiday season is nearly here – Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Years Eve, and New Years Day will be here before you know it. If you and your elderly loved one have plans to travel, there are some holiday travel plans that can help. Many senior citizens struggle when traveling. However, hopefully, these tips can help.

Talking to Their Doctor

Before you travel with your elderly loved one, you may want to have them see their doctor first. If your elderly loved one has a medical condition, it is best to see if their doctor believes it is safe for them to travel, especially if they will be travelling via airplane. If the doctor says it is fine, but they should have someone with them at all times and you can’t do that, you can get companion care at home services.

Packing the Proper Clothing Items

The weather will be getting colder soon. Many senior citizens may forget to pack the proper clothing. For example, your elderly loved one may think to pack pants, but they may forget to pack long-sleeve shirts. You may need to go to your elderly loved one’s house to ensure they are packing all the proper clothing items. If you don’t have time to help them pack, you can have one of their companion care at home providers help with this.

Food and Hydration

Does your elderly loved one have any special dietary needs? If so, this is something that should be considered before going on the trip. For example, will you be driving to the destination? If so, how long is the drive? Do you need to pack snacks or other food to ensure your elderly loved one’s dietary needs are being met?

It is also important to remember hydration. Many people don’t realize how important hydration is all year long. It isn’t only important in the hot weather. Even when it is colder, people need to stay hydrated. Make sure your elderly loved one always has a water bottle on hand.


Do you plan to travel with your elderly loved one this fall or winter? If so, hopefully, these holiday travel plans can help out. If needed, don’t forget you can always get companion care at home services. Companion care providers can help with preparing your elderly loved one for the travel plans. They may be able to help out when you go on the trip, as well. It is important to make sure your elderly loved one is up for the travelling before going. If they don’t feel up to it, you may need to have someone stay at home with them or change the plans this year.



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