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Laurie Malone attends Connect X/Dynamic Women for Success Event!

Laurie Malone attends Connect X/Dynamic Women for Success Event!

Thank you Jason A. Monczka for inviting me to your Connect X/ Dynamic Women for Success event. A great group of Super Women! Grateful! So absolutely happy to be out with smart, motivated people!

Many, many mutual friends of friends were here tonight. I believe fundamentally there is a Huge Value in Association ( not for connection sake), but real, authentic opportunities to meet people not for personal or business gain… but for meeting and enjoying people’s stories. Each person’s story tonight has stuck with me and leaves me with a desire to help them in some way if I can.

This Pandemic, at least for My Family and our business has been a valuable, life-changing reset. We can always learn from someone new. Small conversations matter.

Everyone attending- all ages and different reasons for being there- were present and interested. I am privileged to have been there.

Here’s to getting us all together soon. Rodney Malone and I are blessed to be getting back out there! See you all soon! Everyone stay well and, if you wish, get vaccinated. It is our Super Power! ❤️❤️❤️❤️