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How Can Personal Care at Home Help Seniors with Diabetic Eye Disease?

How Can Personal Care at Home Help Seniors with Diabetic Eye Disease?

Your dad has had diabetes for some time, and he’s starting to struggle more than he used to. His doctor says he’s losing his vision. November is Diabetic Eye Disease Month and a good time to address your dad’s growing need for personal care at home.

What Causes Vision Loss?

Diabetic retinopathy is one of the leading causes of blindness among diabetics. It occurs when blood sugar levels are not carefully managed. The blood vessels in the eye may rupture and leak blood into the retina.

If this continues to happen and isn’t treated, fluid may start to leak into part of the macula. The macula swells with this excess fluid and it distorts central vision. Macular edema and diabetic retinopathy caused by diabetes can rob your dad of his vision.

In addition, people with diabetes have a slightly higher risk of developing other eye conditions like glaucoma and cataracts. Both of which can impact your dad’s ability to see clearly over time.

Yearly eye exams are essential to helping your dad retain his vision. If he fails to do this, however, he could end up permanently blind.

Are There Signs to Look For?

What signs should your dad look for? Often, there are no clear indicators of eye disease until the vision is diminishing. He should watch for an increased number of floaters, bright flashes of light in the eyes, vision that changes from one day to another, and dark areas in his vision.

He should also pay attention to colors that don’t look as vivid as they used to. If he notices any of these or finds his vision is a lot blurrier than it ever was, he should make an appointment to see his eye doctor ASAP.

Difficulties With Personal Care That Happen With Vision Loss

As your dad’s vision goes, he’s not going to be able to see items within his home. He may be able to feel his way to a room, but he could trip over any items in his way. Judging the height of his bathtub’s side is an issue and could lead to him falling.

Your dad isn’t going to be able to distinguish a bottle of shampoo from the conditioner. He won’t be able to tell his shampoo and body wash apart. He’s not going to be able to see his face to safely shave. It’s all going to require an adjustment.

When your dad’s vision is diminishing, it’s important that you arrange the care services he needs for oral care, grooming, and hygiene. He may also need assistance with toileting while he adjusts. A personal care at home aide helps with all of that.

Personal care at home can help him take care of his teeth and gums, help him wash his body and hair, and get to the toilet on time. Call a personal care at home advisor to learn more.

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