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How To Help Your Senior Parent Find The Right Medical Care

How To Help Your Senior Parent Find The Right Medical Care

When you start taking care of a senior parent that is aging in place, one thing that you may need to help them do is find appropriate medical care in their area. Finding good medical care can be overwhelming, especially for seniors. Navigating the maze of what providers are in the insurance network but also provides the care that your senior parent needs can be confusing. Beyond medical care, hiring senior home care to offer non-medical support is crucial to your parent living safely and comfortably at home.

When it comes to finding the right medical care for your senior parent, these tips should help you make sure that your loved one is getting the care they need:

Look For A Geriatrician

Seniors should have a primary care doctor that is a geriatrician. A doctor that specializes in medical care for seniors is the best person to provide referrals and other healthcare that seniors need. They also are the best doctors to perform routine exams and screenings.

Compile Your Senior Parent’s Medical Records

Create a comprehensive medical history for your senior parent. Include information about current medications, past surgeries, allergies, and any chronic conditions. Having this information easily available can streamline communication with healthcare providers. Keep a digital copy and also keep several hard copies that can be given to doctors or medical providers.

Check Their Insurance Coverage And Network

Verify your parent’s insurance coverage and understand the details of their plan. This includes knowing the network of providers covered, copays, deductibles, and any pre-authorization requirements. This information will guide your choices in selecting healthcare providers.

Schedule Regular Check-ups

Your senior parent is going to need yearly checkups for general health as well as things like vision and hearing screenings, cancer screenings, and other routine appointments. Schedule those now because getting those appointments can be difficult and the wait times can be long.

Request Referrals, Then Follow Up

If your senior parent has medical conditions that require specialty care put in the request for referrals with their primary care doctor or the insurance company, then follow up after a week or so to make sure the referrals come through. You will need to referral to schedule any kind of specialty care for your senior parent.

Research Healthcare Facilities In The Area

In case of an emergency, you must know where your senior parent wants to be treated. Sit down with them and research local facilities that are in-network for their insurance. Make sure it’s written down in their health plan notes what emergency room they want to be taken to if there is a need for emergency care. Also make note of what hospital they prefer. It’s also a good idea to write this information on a sheet of paper and post it on the fridge, next to the phone, or in some other central place in case the senior home care provider needs it someday.

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