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We Celebrate Donna Loufman!

We Celebrate Donna Loufman!

6 years in Business Celebration Week Continues….friends meet Donna Loufman from Tampa, Florida. This is someone I am eternally grateful to for more reasons than I can say.

Well if you actually meet her, you will know by her pronounced accent, she is originally from the East Coast. An Irish woman with a heart of gold, who was formerly married to my brother. Donna and My Mom and I instantly became Trouble with a capital T when we met. We would giggle and laugh for hours. When my Mom passed in 2016 and my Dad last summer, she and Rodney were my rocks. She is as much a sister to Rodney as she is me.

From “ The Get” as my kids say, we have been simpatico and she is truly my sister in every definition of the word. Donna raised 3 beautiful boys, Billy, Jamie and Andrew, and when all our boys were together with them and our Christopher and Max… oh my goodness. Christopher is oldest and Max is the youngest by 6 months. And Donna’s fall in between. You have never heard more burps or farts or giggles than those 5 boys together.

And right now… she is caring full time for her Dad, while working full time at home. Donna has heart, grit, an unbelievable work ethic and is just one of those people we are blessed to call “ Our Person!”