Keeping You Safe From COVID-19
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What Should Your Senior Do about Covid-19?

What Should Your Senior Do about Covid-19?

Senior citizens are especially vulnerable to the coronavirus, or . There are some steps your elderly family member can take in order to help her to avoid this illness.

Stock up on Necessary Items

Groceries, medications, and other necessary items are things that your senior may want to have on hand so that she doesn’t need to go out as often now. It can be difficult to keep up with how often something really is used or needed, though, so it can help for your elderly family member to keep a running list. In terms of medications, her pharmacist or doctor may be able to help her to get a month or two extra supply of some of her essential medications to have on hand.

Use Social Distancing

Social distancing means that your senior remains several feet away from other people when she is out in public. It can also refer to self-quarantining in order to avoid coming in contact with anyone who might have been exposed to coronavirus. It’s a good idea for your senior to make sure she washes her hands as soon as she gets home and when she’s out and about, using hand sanitizer frequently is also a good idea.

Stay Home

Staying home as much as possible is something that the Centers for Disease Control is recommending as the primary method to “flatten the curve” of this virus. In order to do that, it might be necessary for your senior to have some extra assistance. Senior care providers can help with mobility issues and they can also ensure that your elderly family member has what she needs in order to remain at home for as long as necessary.

Contact Her Doctor

If your senior does start to feel ill, either with respiratory symptoms or another illness, make sure that you contact her doctor right away. If the illness she’s experiencing is one that she’s had in the past, such as a flare-up of an existing health issue, her doctor may recommend alternative treatments to having your senior come into the office. For respiratory illnesses or if your senior has been exposed to someone who has tested positive for coronavirus, her doctor might recommend going straight to a hospital.

Senior care services can be especially helpful for your elderly family member during this difficult time. They can run errands for her, make sure that she has groceries and other necessary items, and ensure that she’s got other help that she might need.

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