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How to Help Your Senior This Holiday Season

How to Help Your Senior This Holiday Season

Although you may like the holidays, it is not always easy for your senior to get in the holiday spirit. This may be a time they used to love to spend with their partners and family, and not all seniors have their family. However, whether you are an elder care provider or an older adult child, there are some things you can do to help your loved one enjoy and get through this season.

Involve Them in Plans

Even if you don’t live with your elderly parents, you can still involve them in things like holiday plans and preparation. You can invite them over to celebrate advent every Sunday, decorate for Christmas together, and plan other Christmas activities for your senior. Your senior may have physical limitations making this holiday season feel more unenjoyable, but you can still find things for them to do or have elder care help them do these things.

Modify Your Traditions for Your Senior

Everyone wants to have family traditions, but when you start caring for a senior, you need to be flexible. Seniors with dementia may not be able to do everything when they want, even with the help of elder care. Help them remember what traditions they love and what you want your kids to grow up knowing but don’t be afraid to change or shorten traditions. You have to be flexible when you start caring for your loved one.

Help Minimize a Seniors Stress

Holidays can have a ton of pressure on the whole family, especially when you can’t be flexible. You not only need to help them de-stress, but you also need to learn to relax. Seniors can pick up on the moods and feelings of other people. This means when you are stressed, your senior will likely experience it too. When you start to feel overwhelmed, take a step back, focus on your senior, and ensure they are feeling okay. When you need extra help, it is important to find the right home care specialist to help your family.

Focus on Creating Memories

Your senior will not be around forever, so getting them involved with your family is crucial. This is time to allow them to spend joyous moments with the grandkids and snap photos of everything you want to remember. The holiday season allows your seniors and kids time to spend together and gives your kids memories they will cherish forever. Put your senior first, especially if they are alone during this time.

Take Them Out

Not all seniors can drive, and even with the help of elder care, they may not get out often. You can take them out to Christmas events and ensure they have something to do with your family. This is the time to see a local Christmas tree lighting or even stroll around to look at the neighbor’s Christmas decor. Your senior can do many easy things with your family, but you may have to pick them up and take them to do these things.

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