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Holiday Cupcake Recipes to Share with Your Senior

Holiday Cupcake Recipes to Share with Your Senior

A great way to fill up a senior’s time is by baking some holiday goodies. These can be given to family members when they come to visit, close friends, neighbors, and more. It is a good way to warm up the house by turning the oven on and a nice way to get a sweet treat. Even if a senior doesn’t want to give this to anyone else, senior home care can help portion it up for the week.

If you are looking for fun ways to make holiday cupcakes, there are tons of kits at the craft store or online that can help turn an average cupcake into something extraordinary. This is also a good time to practice baking and design skills. It can be tons of fun for you and your older parents.

Holiday Cupcakes To Try This Year

The best thing about the holidays is that there are tons of flavors associated with Christmas and even Hanukkah. Have the senior write down a list of all the flavors and smells they love. Senior home care providers can pick a few and find flavors that match closely. Here are some yummy favorites a senior can try this year.

Sparkling Cranberry Cupcakes
These are moist vanilla cupcakes filled with cranberry mascarpone that melt in your mouth. Each cupcake is topped with buttercream, a sprig of rosemary, and sparkling cranberries. It creates the perfect bite and a senior can use different frosting bags to make various designs out of frosting.

Christmas Light Cupcakes
If a senior is craving chocolate, this is the perfect recipe for them to try. It is a dark chocolate cake covered in a light buttercream frosting. On top of the frosting there are little colored chocolates that look like Christmas lights. You can even create a thin black line to make it look like the chocolate lights are strung around the cupcake. It is a cute and festive recipe that is sure to make a senior happy.

Santa Hat Cupcakes
You can either use chocolate or vanilla cupcakes for this recipe and a buttercream frosting. The fun thing about this recipe is it looks super festive but it is easy to make. All you have to do is cut a strawberry in half and place it on top of the frosting, then add a smidge more frosting for the cutest look. Most of these recipes are ones that take under an hour to bake. However, keep in mind that depending on how intricate a senior wants the designs to be, will determine the overall amount of time to make them.

Every family caregiver has to find ways to fill up a senior’s day during the holidays. This is the time of year kids are off school, but parents still work. So, although it may seem like December is the month for family time, it can actually be stressful to fit everyone in. Senior home care can help keep your older parents entertained and taken care of while you focus on other family members.

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