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In-Home Care Helps Seniors Focus On Their Mental Health

In-Home Care Helps Seniors Focus On Their Mental Health

Seniors need to pay just as much attention to their mental health as they do to their physical health. But often seniors neglect their mental health because they think that being sad or “blue” is just part of the process of getting older. But it isn’t. Seniors can stay happy and healthy well into their advanced years if they spend some time developing healthy mental wellness habits. In-home care helps seniors focus on their mental health by taking care of the many day to day living tasks that can be tough for seniors. When seniors have in-home care to help with various tasks, they can focus on having fun and living their best lives. A few of the ways that in-home care can help seniors improve their mental health are:

Getting Better Sleep

Seniors who have in-home care overnight will be able to get better sleep, and that will result in better mental health. During sleep is when the brain clears out the clutter and resets. But often seniors don’t get the kind of restful sleep they need. It’s easy for seniors to become anxious at night or be lonely which can make them have poor sleep. Having someone in the house with them at night can make seniors feel less anxious and help them relax enough to get the quality sleep they need.

Eating Healthier Meals

Very often seniors aren’t eating the healthy meals they should eat. Whether it’s because they don’t want to cook for just one or they have trouble doing things like shopping or preparing food they may be relying on take out food or microwave meals. In-home care means that seniors will have someone to help them prepare delicious nutritious meals. And they will have company to share those meals with. A caregiver can also prepare healthy meals in advance so if seniors do need to microwave a meal it will be a healthy homemade meal.

Getting More Exercise

When seniors have a friend that visits regularly they more likely to be active. With a caregiver they can go for walks or bike rides, take exercise classes, or even just put on some music and dance. When seniors are more active their mental health will improve. Exercise kick starts the production of endorphins in the brain. Endorphins are what makes people feel happy. So the more exercise your senior loved one gets the happier they will be.

Not Worrying About Their Home

The home environment can have a big impact on your senior loved one’s state of mine. A lot of seniors become anxious or depressed when they can’t keep their home clean or when the laundry piles up. Seniors may feel inadequate if they can’t carry the laundry like they used to or vacuum like they used to. In-home care can do all the household chores and make sure that the house is clean and tidy can really improve a senior’s mental health by making sure they have a tidy and organized house.

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