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Keeping the Senior Mind Active

Keeping the Senior Mind Active

Memory loss is a normal part of becoming older, but it doesn’t always mean you’re at risk for developing Alzheimer’s or another kind of dementia. There are many things you or a loved one can do to maintain or even increase memory and cognitive abilities as we age. With the aid of mental workouts and games, you may develop neuroplasticity within your brain. Neuroplasticity refers to our brain’s ability to evolve and adapt to new experiences or data. To maintain our neuroplasticity in good shape, we must regularly do mental workouts. If your senior needs help in developing a routine, it may be time to look into hiring in-home care for your loved one.

It is possible to categorize mental activities as either skill-developing or skill-retaining. Studies show that one of the best ways to keep our minds active and growing as we age is to continuously learn new things. Your senior loved one may also have difficulty remembering skills or talents they formerly had, which is essential for maintaining a high quality of life. If your senior is struggling to remember skills or how to do basic things like getting dressed, they may need in-home care to help around the house so they can age in place. Here are some other things to remember about keeping the mind active:

Pick Up An Instrument or Paintbrush

To challenge your brain, learn a new skill, particularly a more difficult one. It’s never too late for your older relative to learn anything new if they’re willing to put in the effort. Learning new skills may not only improve one’s cognitive abilities, but it can also keep a person engaged and motivated. Taking a pottery class near you might be a great way to keep your mind fit and motivated simultaneously.

Stop Using a List

Our smartphones and shopping lists make it difficult for us to practice “recall,” a key mental element. The best technique to improve your memory is to practice recall in tiny, non-threatening ways. Allow yourself to be guided by your memories and imagination by having a loved one tell you about their childhood house or pet.

Practice Using All Senses

Learning and remembering are tightly linked to our senses; therefore, using our senses may help us stay engaged and ready to learn. Fortunately, there are many methods to experience the senses in your own house. You and your loved ones may appreciate new aromas, textures, and flavors together if you encourage them to assist you in the garden or cook something new.

Keep Moving No Matter How Old You Get

In addition to exercising your mind, don’t overlook the advantages of exercising your body. Moving your body not only alleviates stress and elevates your mood but also improves the amount of oxygen sent to your brain, resulting in better neuroplasticity and a lower chance of developing diabetes and cardiovascular disease. If you’re looking to improve your mental and physical health, non-stressful activities like going for a stroll around the block or listening to your partner’s favorite music might help.


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