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We Celebrate Robin Bibb!

We Celebrate Robin Bibb!

6 years in Business Celebration Week… Meet Robin Bibb, Physician’s Assistant! We met Robin also in our first year in business!

We originally met Robin when we provided nanny services for her. I will never forget going to her house to interview on a hot Sunday morning…. she drilled us with questions for over an hour ( if you know Robin….you understand that is her being thorough….). At the end of the meeting we were hired to provide nanny services for her son….and , she let us know she was a PA working in hospice and home health. We got to know her a lot more and she eventually referred a case to us. We then referred to her and it has been a great relationship.

Robin is a FIERCE patient advocate, never afraid to take on anyone in the way of her patient’s health and well being. It takes heart, brains and compassion.

Just this February, we both assisted a 100 year old woman with her wishes to pass peacefully in her home with her dog, Angel. On Sunday morning, she was supposed to be discharged home. The SNF ( skilled nursing facility) called me and said…we are keeping her-she can’t go home. I immediately called Robin as we both were there the previous Friday when she stated her wishes in front of family and clinical staff. I knew Robin would have the clinical clout to overrule the SNF.

We got the client home…with her favorite caregivers on our team who stayed with her until her peaceful transition. It gave our client, her family and Rodney/ Robin and I tremendous peace to know we could do this for her. These are the moments in home care you don’t hear about…

Thank you Robin for always doing the very best, everyday , for your patients. We love working with you and for our wonderful friendship. We are grateful!