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What Does the Delta Variant Mean for Your Mom’s Activities?

What Does the Delta Variant Mean for Your Mom’s Activities?

Just as your mom was getting used to seeing her children and grandchildren again, the Delta variant of COVID-19 hit. After her vaccination, she started visiting friends more, having her entire family stop by throughout the week, and having her grandchildren around to help with meals.

The delta variant is spreading faster, but there’s good news, too. Of the 163+ million people vaccinated against COVID-19, approximately 0.01 percent have gotten the variant and had to be hospitalized. The majority of those people have not become seriously ill or even noticed they had COVID-19.

That doesn’t mean your mom shouldn’t stay proactive. Her safety has to come first. Here’s what you need to do when arranging visits with your mom.

Make Sure Visitors Are Fully Vaccinated

Your cousin offers to drive your mom to the grocery store each weekend. You happen to know your cousin isn’t vaccinated, but your mom is. Before saying okay, make sure you’re comfortable with someone who isn’t vaccinated being in your mom’s home.

While the vaccine protects your mom, you have to consider how comfortable she is with others who aren’t vaccinated. She may not be, and that’s okay. If your mom has underlying conditions or allergies that kept her from getting the vaccination, she needs to be extra careful about who spends time with her.

Wear Masks and Keep Washing Hands

When you’re with your mom, everyone should wear a mask. If someone is a carrier without realizing it, a mask lowers the risk of spreading it. It should be tight-fitting, as a loose mask is not enough to stop droplets from flying. Ideally, she wants a mask that extends from the bottom of her chin to the bridge of her nose.

Keep washing hands when you’re with your mom. If you cough or sneeze, wash your hands. Wipe down surfaces like faucet handles, doorknobs, light switches, and appliance handles. Sterilizing surfaces is a must after someone has been in your mom’s house.

Talk to Her Doctor

Ask your mom’s doctor if there’s a way to get a notification when booster COVID shots are available. While they’re not currently available, the day may come when they are necessary. Your mom should be first in line.

Schedule the Same Caregiver

Choose one caregiver to help your mom for now. It lowers her exposure to others. Personal care at home services are an excellent way to choose one caregiver to spend time at her home. It reduces the amount of traffic in her home, which lowers the risk of someone being a carrier and bringing COVID to your mom. Call an agency to schedule personal care at home today.



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