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What Is Long-distance Caregiving?

What Is Long-distance Caregiving?

You might worry that if you and your senior live in different areas that you won’t be able to be there for her in the ways that she might need. But as her long-distance caregiver, you may be able to offer so much more help than you believe you can. What you really need to do is to be thoughtful about the help that you can truly offer, and find answers for the things you can’t help with yourself.

Caring from Afar

In its simplest form, being a long-distance caregiver simply means that you’re providing care for your elderly family member from wherever you are, even if that’s far away. So many caregivers find themselves in this situation and it can be overwhelming at first. What helps is to be as organized as possible and to make sure that you and your senior have as much support as possible.

Understand the Challenges

What challenges are the biggest concerns for your senior? It’s crucial for you to have as full an understanding as possible about what your senior is up against in terms of her health and general life issues. Research her health issues so that you know what is happening. Talk with her doctor and talk with your senior about what you need to know.

Find Solutions

Once you know what your senior is facing, it’s a lot easier for you to find solutions for her that actually meet her needs. One solution you should consider for a variety of concerns is bringing in in-home care providers. Caregivers are going to be able to be your eyes on the scene to understand even more about what she’s facing. In-home care is also able to be there for your senior in the practical ways that are more difficult for you.

Continue to Re-evaluate

Over time, your senior’s needs are likely to change. That’s especially true if your elderly family member has health issues that are chronic or progressive. Continue to talk with your elderly family member and with anyone else involved in her care about what she’s experiencing, what she needs, and how you can most offer assistance from wherever you are.
Being a long-distance caregiver is much easier than a lot of caregivers worry that it will be, especially with the right help. What matters most is that your senior has ways to ensure that she’s going to be able to have the quality of life that she wants to have.


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