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Even with a Fracture, it was a Great Christmas – Thanks to Elderly Care

Christmas was Hazel’s favorite time of the year. One of her greatest joys in life was writing Christmas cards and sending small gifts to each of her three children and nine grandkids. She always made sure to start writing cards and shopping gifts well before Thanksgiving to allow herself plenty of time to tackle the undertaking.

This year, however, there was an extra complication in the mix: she had fallen and fractured her wrist near the end of October. She was on her way to mending well, but she was generally having more difficulty with everything these days. Dressing, cooking and housework was incredibly challenging with a broken wrist. She was essentially one-handed. She was always surprised to find how tired she was by the end of the day!

Hazel wasn’t driving due to the cast. She couldn’t imagine doing all that shopping, or writing out all those cards! She felt so sad at the thought of missing out on her favorite Christmas tradition. She shared her feelings with her daughter Margo one evening over the phone.

Mom,” suggested Margo, “Why don’t you hire an elderly care aide to help write out the cards? I know how important sending them is to you. I can call the elderly care agency and ask them to send an aide who could spend a couple hours – or however long you need ‒ helping you with it.

Hazel brightened immediately at the prospect. “Do you think they would do that?” she asked.

I’m sure they would,” responded Margo. “Tell you what. Let me give them a call tomorrow, and then we’ll know for sure.”

Hazel smiled. “Thank you, Honey. I appreciate it.

The next afternoon Margo called Hazel. “Mom, I talked to the elderly care agency. They said they absolutely can have someone come out and help you with your Christmas cards!

That’s terrific!” cried Hazel.

But, that’s not all,” continued Margo. “They can also take you shopping – if you want – to pick up some gifts. Or, they can help you pick them out online.”

Hazel’s eyes filled with tears. “Oh, Margo, thank you, I can’t tell you how much this means to me.

Margo smiled. “And, while they are there, they can help out with laundry and housework, if that’s okay with you.”

Really?” Hazel was surprised.

Yes, I think it would be good for you to take it easy for a few weeks and allow your body time to heal. It’s not good for you to be so tired all the time.

Well, sign me up!” Hazel grinned.

On Christmas Eve, Hazel and Margo chatted over the phone. Margo thanked Hazel for the lovely cards and thoughtful gifts she had sent.

Well, I couldn’t have done it without you – and elderly care – that caregiver was phenomenal!” Hazel cried. “You know, I didn’t realize how much energy I was spending on cleaning up the house. With her help, I felt so much better than I even knew I could! In fact, I want to have her continue coming to help out with housework and errands. It was wonderful shopping with her! She was a lot of fun, and she helped me in and out of the car so nicely! She pushed the cart and did all the carrying. Having her help took all the trouble out of the process! I don’t think I’ve had so much fun doing my Christmas cards and gifts in years!


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Congratulations Jacqueline on receiving a Caregiver Award!

Golden Heart Senior Care is pleased to announce that Jacqueline has been selected for a coveted Caregiver Award! Jacqueline was nominated by the Golden Heart Office Team for her professionalism and excellence. We are proud to have her on the team. Jacqueline will receive a bonus for this award! #goldenheartscottsdale

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Rodney and I are very excited to be invited to join Accelerent whose sole mission is to interview and select companies, exclusive in their respected category, to meet others for the sole purpose of growing their companies. Decision makers accessing other key decision makers. Makes sense to us and excited to see how we can serve our Accelerent partners by introducing them to our friends and colleagues.

We look forward to working with Accelerent, Cigna and Solterra to help build out the healthcare vertical! Thank you Peter DeMangus for recommending us! #goldenheartscottsdale

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Golden Heart’s Benefits by Bennett series!

Bennett Kopp, our Senior Fitness Advisor, publishes his first article in our new Benefits by Bennett series. “We are very excited to have Bennett’s expertise. Our mission is to keep seniors safe and healthy at home!” Laurie Malone, Managing Partner & CEO

First in our Benefits by Bennett series!

Walking, The Almost Universal Exercise
For all forms of human and animal life, the most indispensable method of transportation is walking. Most people of all genders, geographical locations, weather conditions, or economic conditions, spend much of their lives walking from one place to another. There are innumerable articles, lectures, videos, and the like discussing the benefits of walking.

Walking should be divided into three types, transportational walking, as already noted, recreational walking, and functional walking. Articles on correct walking, not simply just walking, can be worthwhile and are also available from multiple sources. Whatever the type, benefits will correlate with correctness.

The more important standard benefits of walking include improved circulation, which strengthens the heart, thereby lessoning the likelihood of heart disease, stroke, and some cancers. Also, lowered blood pressure, improved bone structure and muscle strength and flexibility. There is, in addition, increasing evidence that mental decline, including various types of dementia, is reduced by walking.

Advice on walking correctness is applicable for pure transportation or for recreational walking. The first step is good posture, “walking tall.” Look straight ahead, avoiding watching the ground. Arms should be relaxed, moving back and forth with the pace of the walk. Avoid shuffling, raise the legs slightly off the ground with the knee slightly bent as the heel hits the ground first.

As with any exercise, warm up. Do not start off at top speed. Start slowly and gradually increase to a speed that can be comfortably maintained for the desired distance. Also as with other exercises, there should be a cool-down period, gradually slowing to a starting speed. Avoidance of this process has sometimes resulted in surprising heart attacks.

In initially describing the universality of walking, the phrase “most people” was included. That is where the term “Functional Walking” becomes relevant. Many seniors, especially those in the “middle old” and “old old” groups, may find walking to be extremely difficult, and sometimes impossible. Some others, of all ages, may share that misfortune because of injuries or illness.

In those circumstances, such usual walking objectives as, pure transportation, or recreation, or socialization, become subordinated to the more serious appropriate functional exercises. They are precisely defined by a fitness professional expert, or other health providers, to foster the attainment of ADLs, (Activities of Daily Living).

There may be no need for special equipment, or there might sometimes be need for such basics as plain chairs, walkers, wheelchairs, or light weight dumbbells. A professional trainer can design a program to strengthen the entire body, with emphasis on the appropriate leg muscles, and the diligent trainee will consequently attain all possible success!

“Custodiant Icedendo” by Bennett Kopp

Have Home Care Help With Challenging Alzheimer’s Behaviors

In the mid-stage and late-stage of Alzheimer’s disease, your dad’s behaviors may change. It gets harder to handle his wandering, agitation, and anger. Did you realize that home care can help with many of these more challenging behaviors?


From time to time, your dad will become agitated. That agitation can progress to anger. If you aren’t careful how you react, it can escalate the behavior. It’s not uncommon for someone with Alzheimer’s to hit, slap, kick, or bite.

You’re not expecting your dad to physically attack you, so it’s alarming. You’ll react and that worsens it. It’s important not to react, but if you’re stressed, it’s more likely to happen. Take breaks regularly so that you’re calmer and less likely to yell or criticize him. Respite care is one of the services to ask about.

Changing Appetites

Alzheimer’s can make meals a bit more challenging. You get up and ask your dad what he wants for dinner. He picks something, but dinner arrives and he says he hates that. You have to go in and cook another meal.

If you do this, you’ll be cooking multiple dinners. Foods he once loved are now hated and vice versa. Instead, have a main meal all set and have something simple like peanut butter, banana, and honey sandwich also ready. If he doesn’t like the main meal, hand him the sandwich. Sweeter foods are often more appealing.

Consider having home care aides available to cook his meals. You can focus on eating and cooking for your significant other and any children. The caregiver can focus on your dad’s meals.


Wandering occurs in a large percentage of Alzheimer’s cases. It happens day and night, which makes it hard to get a good night’s sleep. Your dad wakes in the middle of the night, tries to go outside, and sets off the alarm. You’re jolted awake and have a hard time getting back to sleep once he’s settled.

He needs around-the-clock supervision if wandering is a problem. While you sleep, a caregiver can be up and watching for your dad to get up and try to get outside. You’ll get enough sleep and be ready for the next day.

Don’t wait until you’re overwhelmed and frustrated. That tends to worsen the symptoms caused by Alzheimer’s disease. Taking breaks from time to time is the best way to recharge and ease tension. Talk to a home care agency to learn more about pricing.

If you or an aging loved one is considering hiring home care in Fountain Hills, AZ, please call the caring staff at Golden Heart Senior Care of Scottsdale at (480) 284-7360. We are here to help!