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Golden Heart joins MeasureAbilities, LLC Fall Prevention Program!


  • 40% of nursing home admissions are due to slip and fall accidents in the home
  • 80% of falls occur in the restroom
  • 1 out of 5 falls cause head injury or traumatic brain injury

Golden Heart Senior Care is very proud to announce our association with MeasureAbilities LLC’s FALL PREVENTION PARTNERS PROGRAM.

Rodney and I like to work with like-minded individuals with passion for their work. Deena and Sandy, owners( see below) , have created this program to join forces with healthcare providers to reduce unnecessary falls, injury and hospital readmission. A FREE HOME ASSESSMENT!

This is really something we believe in. If you are in more information, please call (580) 384-7360 or dm me. I am happy to help anyway that I can. #goldenheartscottsdale

Reasons for Lack of Appetite in the Elderly

Has your elderly loved one been experiencing a lack of appetite? Maybe they say they aren’t hungry when you ask if they want to go out to eat. A home care provider would also notice that they aren’t eating as much as normal. This can pose a problem. However, before finding the solution to this issue, it is important to learn about the reasons for the lack of appetite in the elderly. Once you can find the reason, then, you can find a solution.

Mental Health Issues

There are many senior citizens who experience mental health issues. Some of the most common mental health issues for the elderly include depression, stress, grief, and anxiety. If your elderly loved one is feeling overwhelmed by mental health issues, this could be causing their lack of appetite.

If this is suspected, the first step is to talk with your elderly loved one. If you feel they aren’t going to be comfortable talking to you about these things, maybe they will talk to a home care provider. Once you can get to the bottom of their mental health issues, you can come up with a list of possible solutions. These might range from exercising, getting therapy, or having someone around more often. If the solutions work, it is likely that your elderly loved one’s appetite will return.


There are many different medications that have a lack of appetite listed as a side effect. If your elderly loved one is on new medications and they suddenly lost their appetite, this is likely the cause. If they have been on a certain medication for a while and didn’t experience this lack of appetite until now, this likely isn’t the cause. If you do suspect medications to cause moderate to severe lack of appetite for your elderly loved one, make sure they see their doctor about this. The doctor might be able to prescribe an alternative medication to help your elderly loved one get their appetite back.


There are also many illnesses that can cause a lack of appetite in the elderly. Some of the illnesses that can cause this issue include the flu, respiratory infections, appendicitis, and cancer. If you or a home care provider suspect that an illness is causing the lack of appetite for your elderly loved one, be sure to schedule them a doctor’s appointment right away. If your elderly loved one can’t or doesn’t want to eat at all, get them emergent medical attention.


There are many reasons for the lack of appetite in the elderly. If your elderly loved one doesn’t have much of an appetite, make sure to find the reason for this issue. Then, you can help them to find a solution. Home care providers can play a vital role in ensuring your senior receives proper nutrition.


If you or an aging loved one is considering hiring home care in Chandler, AZ, please call the caring staff at Golden Heart Senior Care of Scottsdale at (480) 284-7360. We are here to help!

Welcome Craig Bass!

Craig Bass
Craig Bass

Golden Heart Senior Care was very happy to meet with Craig Bass, corporate franchisor, at 6:45 am this morning. This very busy man, made time to meet with us for 90 minutes as he is in Phoenix this weekend.

We talked about all kinds of things, including expressing our sincere gratitude for his corporate support. Craig has always been supportive-chasing software vendors to make enhancements we are requesting; helping with new marketing materials, etc. Always available and approachable.

Since Craig and Lorri bought the corporate entity 5 years ago, we have had an amazing business collaboration.

Craig has a gift for understanding we are very driven business owners, who do not march to the same drummer as many of his other, very capable franchise owners. We do things our way and he is always supportive and a great sounding board. We often push for new solutions and other things. His response is always” how can we help and support you?”

We are blessed to be owners of this brand whose focus, like ours is superior service delivery for seniors aging wherever they choose to live. Serving 94 zip codes East of I-17.

Thank you Craig for a great meeting!

Congratulations Brooke on your Caregiver Award!

Good afternoon Golden Heart team! We are happy to announce that Brooke is receiving a Caregiver Award today for excellent care, going above and beyond. The client’s daughter called me Saturday to say the following:

“Brooke is a wonderful caregiver. She is extremely patient with and so very kind to Mom. She engages with Mom, and is always super attentive to her needs and ever-changing behaviors/moods of dementia. Additionally, Brooke is always punctual, positive and upbeat. She makes me feel comfortable leaving Mom in her care.“

Exceptional work Brooke, you will be receiving a bonus for this! Congratulations, Laurie and Rodney

Four Hot Weather Comfort Tips for Your Senior

It can be really difficult to help your elderly family member to stay comfortable when the temperatures outside keep climbing. Add in humidity, too, and your senior could be susceptible to a variety of heat-related illnesses. Try some of these ideas in order to help your elderly family member to stay as cool as she can when the weather outside is overwhelmingly hot.

Drink Plenty of Hydrating Fluids

Avoiding drinks that are full of caffeine, sugar, and alcohol is important when the weather is hot outside. Hydrating beverages, preferably water, are much better for your senior because they ensure that she’s not losing too much fluid. If she’s not a fan of water, consider unsweetened herbal teas as a substitute. An elder care provider can ensure that your senior drinks plenty of water throughout the day, as well as consuming nutritious foods that also provide hydration.

Shower and Bathe with Cool Water

Warm or hot showers and baths might feel good to aching joints, but during summer they’re not a great idea. It’s much better for your senior to bathe and shower with lukewarm or cooler water to help her to keep her core temperature down. In fact, a cool soak or shower later in the afternoon can be especially good if she’s overheated in the afternoon.

Stay out of Direct Sun and Turn on the Air Conditioner, if Possible

To avoid overheating, it’s important for your senior to stay out of direct sunlight as much as possible. If your senior has air conditioning, that’s the best option for helping her to stay as cool as she can. In fact, Air Conditioning Appreciation Days run from July 3 through August 15, which can be some of the hottest parts of the summer.

Rest During the Hottest Parts of the Day

If your senior doesn’t already limit her activity levels when it’s hot outside, convince her to rest during the hottest parts of the day. This can be crucial if she has health issues that contribute to overheating more easily. Bringing in elder care providers can ensure that your senior has her needs met but that she’s also able to rest as much as possible.

Hot weather is nothing to play around with for aging adults. Your senior’s body doesn’t respond to temperature variations, especially hotter weather, in the same ways that it did when she was younger. If she’s taking medications, it’s also a good idea to talk to her doctor about how hot weather can affect side effects from those medications and her health issues as well.

If you or an aging loved one is considering hiring elder care in Queens Creek, AZ, please call the caring staff at Golden Heart Senior Care of Scottsdale at (480) 284-7360. We are here to help!

Golden Heart Senior Care attends Accelerent’s Partner Breakfast Event!

Golden Heart attended the prestigious Accelerent Partner Breakfast Event at The Phoenix Suns’ newly remodeled Stadium on Tuesday, June 29th! More than 350 “ C Level” people attended, including Partners and their guests. Hank Haney, former coach for Tiger Woods and Mark O’Meara, was the speaker. It was a fantastic event and Laurie and Rodney were thrilled to be there! #goldenheartscottsdale