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We Celebrate Heidi Royter!

6 years in Business Celebration Week Continues…so we all know Webster, right? Well, you may not know it but in the New Webster there is a word. BOSS BABE! That is my friend, colleague and one of the best people I know and her picture should be there. Heidi Royter.

When we first met, she said “ I hear you know how to get stuff ( sh…t) done .” I said “yes, generally.” Heidi said…” well I need 4 caregivers for 2 weeks until the end of the month…my assistant ED Chris will call you to coordinate.” I said, “ YES MA’AM!” And we did our job. And we have worked together for many years since. HEIDI GETS STUFF ( sh…t) DONE!

In the last 5 years, I have watched my beautiful, confident, smart friend in so many meetings. I will never forgot one when Rodney/ I were there with her whole staff. To say, it was one of those dicey discussions ( we were on the outside of most of it) was an understatement. We felt quite uncomfortable. But I am a Big Girl and Rodney is a Big Guy. All of a sudden Heidi whipped around and said… “ Wait a minute, Laurie and Rodney, we hope you know you are valued, right?” We smiled and then felt valued. THIS IS A GREAT PERSON DOING GOD’s WORK RUNNING ASSISTED LIVING, MEMORY CARE AND INDEPENDENT LIVING FACILITIES. Now, she has progressed to a big corporate position.

None of this really captures Heidi, the person. We were honored to be invited by her to Solterra’s Holiday Party… she scanned the room constantly to be sure every single person was happy, fed and enjoying themselves… thank you Heidi for your selfless leadership advocating for seniors and most of all, being my friend!

Golden Heart’s valued team member, Jeff drops by the office

First and foremost, no one comes in our office without an appointment now. All must be temp checked at the door and answer a series of Covid exposure related questions. Then they come in!

The woman who does it all…Melissa, our Office Mgr and our super valued team member Jeff met up for a PPE exchange ! We so appreciate the hard work of these two! #frontlines

We Celebrate Robin Bibb!

6 years in Business Celebration Week… Meet Robin Bibb, Physician’s Assistant! We met Robin also in our first year in business!

We originally met Robin when we provided nanny services for her. I will never forget going to her house to interview on a hot Sunday morning…. she drilled us with questions for over an hour ( if you know Robin….you understand that is her being thorough….). At the end of the meeting we were hired to provide nanny services for her son….and , she let us know she was a PA working in hospice and home health. We got to know her a lot more and she eventually referred a case to us. We then referred to her and it has been a great relationship.

Robin is a FIERCE patient advocate, never afraid to take on anyone in the way of her patient’s health and well being. It takes heart, brains and compassion.

Just this February, we both assisted a 100 year old woman with her wishes to pass peacefully in her home with her dog, Angel. On Sunday morning, she was supposed to be discharged home. The SNF ( skilled nursing facility) called me and said…we are keeping her-she can’t go home. I immediately called Robin as we both were there the previous Friday when she stated her wishes in front of family and clinical staff. I knew Robin would have the clinical clout to overrule the SNF.

We got the client home…with her favorite caregivers on our team who stayed with her until her peaceful transition. It gave our client, her family and Rodney/ Robin and I tremendous peace to know we could do this for her. These are the moments in home care you don’t hear about…

Thank you Robin for always doing the very best, everyday , for your patients. We love working with you and for our wonderful friendship. We are grateful!

We Celebrate Scott Bursten!

6 years in Business is Celebration Week continues… a big Thank You from Rodney and me for Scott Bursten’s unwavering support from way before this business. I worked with him in a former career and the 3 of us have been great friends since.

Scott and Rodney-well, I will just leave this right there.

Golf…scotch…business-those 2 can go on all night ( and have)! Usually our Colorado friend visits twice a year, but obviously that isn’t possible now. He is a great sounding board always, listening to all of the good things about owning a business; commiserating during the tough weeks and always armed with a great story destined to induce belly laughs! We love and appreciate you Scott!

We Celebrate Donna Loufman!

6 years in Business Celebration Week Continues….friends meet Donna Loufman from Tampa, Florida. This is someone I am eternally grateful to for more reasons than I can say.

Well if you actually meet her, you will know by her pronounced accent, she is originally from the East Coast. An Irish woman with a heart of gold, who was formerly married to my brother. Donna and My Mom and I instantly became Trouble with a capital T when we met. We would giggle and laugh for hours. When my Mom passed in 2016 and my Dad last summer, she and Rodney were my rocks. She is as much a sister to Rodney as she is me.

From “ The Get” as my kids say, we have been simpatico and she is truly my sister in every definition of the word. Donna raised 3 beautiful boys, Billy, Jamie and Andrew, and when all our boys were together with them and our Christopher and Max… oh my goodness. Christopher is oldest and Max is the youngest by 6 months. And Donna’s fall in between. You have never heard more burps or farts or giggles than those 5 boys together.

And right now… she is caring full time for her Dad, while working full time at home. Donna has heart, grit, an unbelievable work ethic and is just one of those people we are blessed to call “ Our Person!”

We Celebrate Jacky Jackson!

6 years in Business Celebration Continues… 5 years ago we met our dear friend and banker Jacky Jackson of Arizona Federal Credit Union ( then Pinnacle Bank). We are very private people and she got us from day one. We literally would not be where we are without her.

There is no straighter shooter than Jacky. If we had a fraud issue, she always helped ( happened twice and she recommended a new account structure to protect us). I cannot tell you how many times she has helped with employees that do not understand that their own bank hold is because of their bank and personal issues, not us. Or the time corporate accidentally took $109k in a royalty payment when they were supposed to take $10.9k ( several years ago). I was up early, like 5 am, doing me. Rodney manages the accounts but I look at them daily, especially on key days of the month. I saw our account and could hardly comprehend the mistaken debit. Needless to say, Rodney heard my “ oh no” ( or maybe worst language). I texted Corporate, notifying them of their error and Rodney texted Jacky. She helped us through it and got the wrong entry reversed. I will NEVER FORGET THAT DAY. What banker helps us at 6 am? Jacky does. Deep gratitude to our banker and friend… thank you Jacky.

We Celebrate Lisa Paulson!

6 years in Business Celebration Continues…Rodney and I are proud to serve the senior community with our many referral partners. Lisa Paulson, Homestead Hospice Customer Relations Manager, is a force of nature. In our business, there is no downtime; holidays off, etc. Some people are suited for this 24/7 lifestyle. Lisa works tirelessly for her patients and goes way above and beyond, whatever palliative or hospice care they may need. We work with many great companies in the Valley, but it is always the individual who sets them apart.

I met Lisa through Facebook. We are always watching who is out in the community; actively helping others; banding with like minded colleagues. When your sole focus is patient focused care, you are a winner in my book. So we reached out together and decided to meet. I always just ask people “ to try us out.” Lisa was gracious enough to do that and we enjoy a great working relationship and friendship. She is one of those people that can change the energy in the room. When she walks into a patient’s home, she always addresses the Senior first. We love that! Thank you Lisa for all that you do!

We Celebrate the Sandquist’s!

6 years in Business Celebration Week Continues… again, we are thanking publicly those friends and colleagues who have helped us make this milestone. There are those people who you can count on anytime, anywhere for anything. Kristen and Jeff Sandquist are those people. They are Family.

When we moved here in June of 2005, they were among the very first people we met. We all lived in the same neighborhood. It was the best. Our Maximillian and their Tyler and Cayden grew up together! School and then working charity events or whatever was going on. We spent every Halloween, most other holidays together
When things are going great, they have always championed us on. When things are tough, they have dropped everything at the drop of a hat. We had a health emergency once ( long ago) and Kristen cancelled a vacation to help with Emilie. Her parents Donna and Tony, helped as well.

Kristen has taught me the concept “ to be of service always.” We talked about it one of the first times we sat with an iced tea at AJs after dropping the boys at school. She has taught us the true meaning of giving back…time, money, yourself really. And Jeff… well he is the quiet, brilliant one who listens and offers sage counsel. We love them both!

We Celebrate Beverly Diaz!

6 years in Business Celebration Continues…..there are People and there are PEOPLE. Beverly Diaz is the embodiment of passion, fierce convictions, endless enthusiasm and desire to help people everyday. People ask me who knows EVERYONE IN SENIOR CARE? I always answer- it is our honor and privilege to know Beverly and her tireless work. She refers to us; recommends our work; and is the first person to help someone in need, Senior or not. I remember an almost homeless Mom with small kids a couple of years ago who could not feed her kids. Beverly rallied the community that night. Godspeed Everyday to our Wonderful Friend! And she always makes me laugh. Thank you for all you do Beverly!

We Celebrate James and Kendra Foster!

6 years in Business Celebration Continues…Rodney and I have known “ Baby Brother “ James Foster ( as Rodney calls him) and Kendra Foster for years. There are literally no other people that have made us laugh so hard. They knew we were buying this business in 6/14, a month before the closing. They have heard it all and have supported us immeasurably from day one and been better than Family. We are in touch almost every day and love them so much!