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Golden Heart Announces Strategic Partnership with AZ Care Transport!


Golden Heart Clients Now Have the Option to Book Non-Emergency Medical Rides Directly through AZ
Care Transport’s HIPAA-Compliant, Easy-to-Use, Centralized Service

Scottsdale, Ariz. (March 26, 2021) — Golden Heart Senior Care, a leading non-medical home care company that provides ADL’s (Assistance with Daily Living) to Arizona’s seniors, is enhancing its services through a strategic partnership with AZ Care Transport. This partnership will expand non-emergency transportation options for Golden Heart’s clients in Arizona.

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, AZ Care Transport, is a new company providing non-emergency medical transport. The startup transportation service spent time perfecting its operations and customer experience prior to launching in Arizona earlier this year. The company’s reputation for reliable, safe, and quality service built upon healthcare compliance has attracted the attention of large senior care organizations like Golden Heart. AZ Care Transport focuses on transportation for seniors, foster care visitations, pharmacy order pick-ups and more. The company’s drivers are 5 panel drug-tested and background checked, CPR and First-aid certified, and each vehicle has tracking and safety features.

Celebrating the launch of the partnership between AZ Care Transport and Golden Heart Senior Care. Left to Right: Nicole Phillips, Founder of AZ Care Transport, Laurie Malone Managing Partner & CEO and Rodney Malone Partner & COO of Golden Heart Senior Care.

“We chose to partner with AZ Care Transport because of their quality service and safety-centered approach. Like us, they prioritize the client experience and convenience, making them a perfect fit with our mission,” said Laurie Malone, Managing Partner and CEO of Golden Heart Senior Care. “We want transportation to be the last thing that our clients worry about when getting to and from their medical appointments, doctor visits or errands like pharmacy pick-ups. Together, we’re working to remove transportation barriers that previously stood in the way of getting people the care they need. Wheelchair access transportation is a huge need for our seniors, and this makes it easy to accommodate. Our caregivers can accompany clients with AZ Care Transport, assuring ease and comfort.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has created many challenges impacting transportation options for at-risk seniors. The fear of infection made it particularly challenging for many who are often dependent on public transportation to safely navigate between doctor visits.

“This partnership represents a big leap forward to improve the quality and convenience of healthcare travel in Arizona,” said Nicole Phillips, founder of AZ Care Transport. “No more outsourced call centers or multi-day advance scheduling or long wait times. Safe drivers, as well as clean and sanitized vehicles are our top priority. Each vehicle is equipped with PPE and anti microbial spray and thoroughly cleaned between each transport.”

According to Phillips, AZ Care Transport is gaining momentum because it is a reliable, people-centered service for those whose very lives depend on making their medical appointments. “Despite a critical and growing need for non-emergency transport, many are unable to find reliable options and drivers who understand their needs. AZ Care Transport will fill that gap,” she added.

Founded and owned by Laurie and Rodney Malone, Golden Heart, headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona serves 94 zip codes east of I-17.

For more information on Golden Heart please visit online at: To learn more about AZ Care Transport, visit:


About Golden Heart:

Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, Golden Heart is an Arizona leading, non-medical home care company providing Assistance with Daily Living. Golden Heart is founded with guiding the philosophy that there is nothing more important than for a person to receive the highest quality care to live a full independent life in the comfort of their home or a setting of their own choosing. Golden Heart Senior Care offers Companion Services, Household and Transportation Services as well as Personal Care Services. Founded and owned by Laurie and Rodney Malone, Golden Heart, headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona serves 94 zip codes east of I-17. In addition to providing in-home non-medical care, Golden Heart also provides assisted living placement services. For more information, please visit online at or call 480-284-7360.

About AZ Care Transport:

Founded and operated by Phoenix entrepreneur Nicole Phillips, AZ Care Transport was launched in 2021 with a mission to provide safe and reliable non-emergency medical transportation to Arizona’s most vulnerable population. AZ Care Transport is committed to providing transportation to medical appointments safely and on time. The company also provides transport to adult recreation, foster care visitation, pharmacy order pick-ups and more. AZ Care Transport’s drivers are 5 panel drug tested and background checked, CPR and First-aid certified, and each of vehicle is equipped with tracking and safety features. For more information and to schedule transportation please call 480-780-0971.

Congratulations John for your Caregiver Award!

Golden Heart Senior Care is proud to announce that John C has been awarded a Caregiver Award! John is a CNA and receives RAVES from clients. And the office says he is so accommodating. We had an emergency discharge last weekend and he changed his plans to step in and help. We could not be more proud of him! John will receive a bonus for this award.

What Causes Hearing Loss in Aging Adults?

Hearing loss can be a frustrating situation for your senior because it can make it difficult for her to communicate with and connect with the people around her. She can also lose some of the hobbies and other parts of her life that she really loves.

Long Term Exposure to Loud Noise

One of the most common reasons that people lose their hearing is from long term exposure to loud noises. This type of hearing loss might happen gradually, over years of exposure to loud noises. Ear protection can help to reduce hearing loss, but your senior might have already experienced the noise that contributed to the damage in her inner ear.

Damaged Eardrums

Sudden hearing loss is often the result of a damaged ear drum. This can happen due to an injury, such as a blow to the head, or because of something that was pushed into the ear canal. This is a big reason that cotton swabs are not recommended for ear cleaning. But an infection can also cause a ruptured ear drum, so it’s important to get to your senior’s doctor if she suddenly loses her hearing.

Earwax Buildup

Over time, ear wax can start to build up in your elderly family member’s ear canal. When that happens, it’s more difficult for sound waves to get where they can be interpreted. If your senior’s doctor is able to remove the ear wax, she can likely experience a full recovery of her hearing.

Other Health Conditions

Those other health issues that your senior battles every day, especially diabetes or high blood pressure, don’t just impact those systems of her body. They can also contribute to hearing loss. Likewise, a stroke can affect the hearing in one or both of your senior’s ears. There may be other health issues that affect her hearing, too.

Ototoxic Medications

Ototoxic medications are medications that are known to be damaging to hearing. Many of these medications are prescription medications, and the ototoxicity may be listed as a potential side effect. But what most people don’t realize is that there are a lot of ototoxic medications that are extremely common over the counter medications. These are things like aspirin and ibuprofen. If your senior already has hearing loss, talk to her doctor about what medications she may want to avoid or take sparingly.

As your senior’s hearing changes, it might be beneficial for her to have some extra assistance. Elderly care providers can make sure that she’s safe and that her needs are met, especially if you’re not able to be there with her.

If you or an aging loved one is considering hiring elderly care in Phoenix, AZ, please call the caring staff at Golden Heart Senior Care of Scottsdale at (480) 284-7360. We are here to help!

Congratulations Tyler F!

Good afternoon Golden Heart team! We want to celebrate Tyler F today with a Caregiver Award, one of our newer hires, but highly experienced. Tyler has handled several end of life clients since he started with us.

One of our specialties is helping people come home for a peaceful transition if they wish. Tyler was a Military Medic and has handled extreme trauma cases. All of that makes him an exceptionally skilled clinical caregiver.

First of all, we thank Tyler for his military service. Secondly, we salute him for his exemplary work with our clients. One of our valued referral partners called me to express for the second time what a great job he does. Last night, he was on shift with a hospice patient. He was updating the office regularly and stayed by the man’s side until his transition. This care is what sets us apart from other agencies. Tyler will receive a bonus for his hard work.

Golden Heart donates to Hospice of the Valley

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! We had a room of unused training materials for our school we were going to start last year. And then the pandemic happened…

So today we donated all of it-a truck-full of it to Hospice of the Valley for their community work and patients. Thank you Scott for doing the load up for us. #goldenheartscottsdale

Congratulations Bukky on your Caregiver Award!

Congratulations Bukky on your Caregiver Award! Bukky has been on the Golden Heart team nearly half a year! She ALWAYS fills in for extra shifts; clients rave about her and the office loves her. Her growth as an AZ Certified Caregiver has been great. Rodney and I can’t ask for more than that! Very proud of her! Bukky will receive a bonus for her award! Congratulations! #goldenheartscottsdale

Golden Heart Family Members get their second vaccination!

Christopher and Kelsey, our oldest son and daughter-in law, got their second vaccination a week ago! They are educators working tirelessly in the Vail District ( Tucson) and needed to keep themselves and their students safe. Christopher is Assistant Principal at a huge high school and Kelsey teaches special needs kids. They are dedicated, devoted compassionate educators. We are so proud of them!

Golden Heart appreciates Tasha!

Golden Heart joined our team during January as our Lead Scheduler. Tasha brings years of home care scheduling experience. Tasha is knowledgeable, friendly and a delight to have on the team!

Golden Heart has Big News coming….

Laurie was happy to host Nicole P for some solid new service capabilities we will be announcing soon! Watch for it!

Developing a Care Plan

If you are the caregiver of an aging parent who is still living at home independently or living with you, you are responsible for most of the major decisions that need to be made regarding your parent’s immediate and long-term care. The day-to-day care of doctor appointments, taking care of bills, meal planning, and providing a social connection for your parent may make it difficult to find the time to draft up anything specific about future care. But having a care plan in writing that you can access when you need it, as well as having it available for anyone who might be helping you with caregiving – now or in the future – can provide a sense of security that your parent will continue to be cared for in the best way possible no matter what the future brings.

Once you’ve decided to draft up a care plan for your parent, you’ll want to sit down and discuss what it should all cover with the following people.

  • Other Caregivers. If you are sharing the responsibility of caring for your elderly parent, whether it’s with a sibling, an adult child or spouse, sit down together at the very beginning to discuss what your care plan will cover. Not sure where to begin? Many websites have sample care plans that you can use to begin the process.
  • Your Parent. If your parent is still able to have healthy conversations about his health, talk to him about what he would like in the coming years. Does he have specific treatments he doesn’t want applied to him? Does he have a favorite hospital or clinic he prefers to use? Does he have financial documents that he only wants specific people to have access to? When possible, honoring your parent’s wishes will make the process easier.
  • Your Parent’s Physicians. Your parent’s doctors and specialists can help you navigate complex medical decisions and guide you to a place that you’re comfortable with in planning out your parent’s care. You can ask about treatments and medications that should be referenced in the care plan.
  • Your Lawyer. If you are including items such as Power of Attorney in your care plan, you’ll want to make sure every part of this legal process is completed accurately. These types of forms are usually attachments to the actual care plan and can then all be kept in one place.
  • Home care providers. It is essential in a care plan that the home care providers who will assist your senior loved one know what their wishes and needs are. From medication reminders to special diet needs and preferences for a daily routine, home care providers need to made aware of all that caring for your loved one entails. Family caregivers can do the best they can, but at some point it will be beneficial for everyone that home care providers be there for your senior.

A care plan can be as simple or complicated as you like. Sometimes, it’s simply a sheet that lists what is the best way to care for your parent in case you’re not around. It may list his primary treatment resources, along with medication doses and therapy appointments. It can also be in depth enough to include Power of Attorney information as well as an Advanced Directive or Living Will. The important thing is it sparks these conversations and gets them in writing before an actual emergency happens or someone needs to make some quick decisions. It prevents rash decision-making and helps you and all of your parent’s caregivers make decisions that are well informed and mutually agreed upon.

If you or an aging loved one is considering hiring caregivers in Mesa, AZ, please call the caring staff at Golden Heart Senior Care of Scottsdale at (480) 284-7360. We are here to help!