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K2 Adventures Foundation Fundraiser at Top Golf

Today, K2 Adventures Foundation raised money for special needs families by hosting an event at Top Golf. We had about 130 attend. We raised some great money. We passed out some great gifts. We helped some remarkable families. Keep up the great work K2.

Wonderful Feedback from a Treasured Client

Hello Senior Community. As you all know, here at Golden Heart we like to catch people doing things right. Below is a copy and paste email we received from a client recently. I just wanted to share with you what our clients are saying about us. Because of HIPPA, we have redacted the names. Please know this is the type of feedback we work to earn from every single client. Please see below.

Hi Rodney,

As you know my relative passed away on Friday August 25th. Your team was incredible throughout and your home team/admin was also very supportive and professional. I am infinitely grateful. I would like to send a tip to caregiver 1, CG2 and CG3. Those three were with us consistently and always helpful. How best to do that? I hate for you to include on their check as I don’t want them to be taxed. But I had in mind $100 each. Thank you for your kind, professional and wonderful service.

Another Wonderful Client Review!


I just wanted to thank you and your team for jumping through hoops for us. I know 24-hour coverage is not easy, much less scheduling for all of your clients.

It has made a big difference for us (well, mainly me) to be able to take a break during a time when we don’t know what to expect each day. I appreciate the flexibility you have given us, and the peace of mind knowing we are doing the best for my mom.


Going Above and Beyond

Here at Golden Heart Senior Care, we love to catch people doing the right things right. In this case, we needed to make some last minute changes due to a caregiver having a baby. You know who you are, congratulations to both of you. So yes, Golden Heart welcomed to new babies to our family this week.

Back to this young lady. When we asked her to work with us on flexing her schedule, her response was Sure. No problem. Just let me know how I can help. That is a philosophy her at Golden Heart. Everything we do comes from the spirit of service. KH will receive additional bonus points for her willingness and ability to help. Thank you KH for being Golden. We Heart you at Golden Heart.

Thank You!

Hello Senior Community. Friends come in all shapes and sizes. Since my most recent journey, these two gentlemen have welcomed me and been extremely supportive. You know who you are based on the picture. I won’t say your name, but I will say thank you for being wind under my heavy wings. You gentlemen have been and continue to be wonderful to me. Thank you.

Today Was A Good Day!

Hello Senior Community. Every endeavor has those elements you don’t like but the end goal being achieved makes it worth it. We go to wherever our client lives. Clients live in all kinds of places. This place has always put a smile on my face. More importantly, getting out to see and help clients gives me a warm feeling in my heart. I just want the Community to know that today was a fantastic day!!!

Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce Event

Hello Senior Community. As part of being involved in the community, we are actively involved with the Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber had an event that was hosted at Ravenscroft. They have weekly concerts, fantastic food and a wonderful building that is like no other in Phoenix. Ravenscroft is definitely worth a visit to see how a local musician and his wife is giving back to the community. Great job Ravenscroft.

Walk to End Alzheimer’s

This is Pam Eisenberg. Pam is the Senior Manager East Valley for The Walk to End Alzheimer’s. I would like to publicly thank Pam for her contribution to the Alzheimer’s/Dementia community. This is Pam standing next to a Walk to End Alzheimer’s group that walked with Golden Heart Senior Care 7 years ago. Pam, we look forward to participating in the walk this November.

For more information on the walk or to make a donation, please contact us at Stay hydrated everyone.

Laurie Malone Education Foundation

Hello Senior Community. As you may know, we are approaching the one-year milestone of Laurie’s passing. Thank each of you who contributed to the Scholarship Fund Last year. We find peace in knowing the Laurie Malone Scholarship Fund raised over $17,000 in 2022 and afforded 8 students with scholarships to further their education. In memory of Laurie, we are continuing to raise awareness and funds for scholarships. If you would like to donate to K2 Adventures Foundation, please use the link below. This link will take you directly to the Laurie Malone Scholarship fund.

On behalf of the Malone Family, we are grateful for your support and keeping Laurie’s memory and dynamic personality alive.

Thank You for Stepping Up, JC!

Sometimes, someone steps up to help and they should be recognized for doing so. JC was at his home doing personal chores. When we phoned him to say that a client has an emergency and we need your help, JC did not hesitate to say I’ll do it. We offer what’s called Bonu$ Reward Points. This is when an employee does something extraordinary, they win points that can later be turned in for cash rewards at Target, Starbucks, Bed Bath and Beyond, Walmart and the likes. JC will receive both a financial bonus and Bonu$ reward point$ for his efforts in helping over the weekend. Thank you JC for stepping up to help. We Heart you at Golden Heart.