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Caregiver Rewards Points for JB!

Hello Seniors, Families and Friends. As you may know, we try hard to catch our staff doing the right things right. When we do, they earn Caregiver Reward Points. Please see below. This caregiver has been with our company for about 3 years. She does a fantastic job of being selfless for her clients. All of her clients love her. When her clients give her compliments along with her doing a great job, she has earned reward points. Please see below, JB the caregiver has come in to pick up her rewards. We are so proud of her. We look forward to her earning more points and receiving more gift cards. For more information on how to get a caregiver like JB, please contact

Lunch with Friends!

Hello Seniors, Families and Friends. Having lunch with my friends. My guys keep me grounded and fed. Thank you gents for being awesome gentlemen.

K2 Adventures Foundation Continues to Help People Locally and Around the Globe

K2 Adventures Foundation is a charity of which Laurie and I are founding board members. This charity has been helping people for more than 15 years. K2 raises money and does wonderful work locally and abroad. Helping people in need and special needs families is what K2 is so great at doing. I am really proud to express that over 90% of the funds raised go to the people that need it. Because of Laurie’s continued dedication to this organization, they have started the Laurie Malone Education Foundation. I am so proud of the people we help in my wife’s honor. Please see pictures of our most recent event. On an annual basis, K2 raise more than $700,000 per year. Even if you cant contribute monetarily, please visit the website and share the information with a friend. @K2 does great work and helps lots of people.

Sponsoring a Painting Class at an Independent Living Campus

Hello Seniors, Families and Friends. Painting is one of those things people do to relax. Thank you Senior Living for allowing us to facilitate a painting class with your residents. No one accept the instructor knew what the final product would be. The instructor’s name is Dustin. Dustin provided a step by step instruction on what to do and how to do it. I am horrible at painting and even my picture came our nicely. Thank you Senior Living for allowing us to paint with your residents. And, thank you Dustin for your incredible instruction. For more information on getting a home care company like Golden Heart Senior Care to care for a loved one, please inquire within. For more information on how to have us sponsor an activity at your campus, please contact for more information.

Sponsoring Chair Yoga at a Local Skilled Nursing Facility

Hello Seniors, Family and Friends. As you know, we really enjoy getting out to play with our seniors. Please see the attached. Thank you Post Acute Rehab for allowing us to facilitate chair yoga with your residents. Our instructor whose name is Heidi, is trained in yoga and adaptive yoga. I have worked with her in geriatric environments for about 10 years. Today was all about stretching, breathing and understand our personal limits. One attendee enjoyed it so much, he vowed to start doing some of it on his own. Thank you Heidi for your instruction and compassionate hand. Thank you Post Acute for allowing us to have fun and stimulate some of your patients.

VA Approves New Homebound Benefit for Veterans

Hello Seniors, Families and Friends. I would like everyone to know the VA has approved a new program that helps Veterans who completed their tour with Home Care payments. Golden Heart Senior Care is now trained in and working with any Veteran who needs help with ADLs to live independently. ADL stands for Activities of Daily Living. They include things like toileting, bathing, meal prep, light housekeeping, transport, bed linens and laundry just to name a few things with which we will help.

Having said this, if you are Veteran or you know a Veteran who needs help at home with daily task, please contact us for more information on the new VA Homebound Benefit. Also contact Golden Heart Senior Care to find out more on how we care for seniors. We would be honored to help you.


Could Your Senior Benefit from Alzheimer’s Therapies?

Hello Seniors, Families and Friends. According to, dementia is a group of cognitive and psychological symptoms affecting memory, thinking and social abilities. Alzheimer’s is a disease that is the most common cause of progressive dementia. There is a company we work with who is testing a series of therapies that work each part of the brain. These therapies are assessed every six months as to evaluate and treat brain deterioration issues. For more information on the aforementioned therapies or to have a trained caregiver working with your loved one on a daily basis, please contact Golden Heart Senior Care for more information.

Handing Out Caregiver Reward Points!

Hello Seniors, Friends and Family. It has been posted before and will be posted again in the future. We get excited to pass out “Caregiver Reward Point$”. Please see NE in the photo. She is a prime example of a selfless caregiver. She goes over and above for any client she has. She is repeatedly asking her clients what she can do to make their experience better. The important part is that she not only ask’s, she listens and does what is requested of her. Thank you NE for placing your clients comfort before your own. For more information on how to get this type of caregiver for yourself or a loved one, please contact Golden Heart Senior Care for more information.

National Healthcare Decision Day

According to Village Medical, today is a day to inspire, educate and empower people about advance directives. An advance directive should be a five step process according to Village Medical. That process is outlined below. For more information, please contact Golden Heart Senior Care.

Here are the five steps from PREPARE™ to begin creating your advance directive today:

1. Choose a medical decision maker.
2. Decide what matters most in life.
3. Choose flexibility for your decision maker.
4. Tell others about your medical wishes.
5. Ask your doctor the right questions.

We all have the right to make our own decisions about health. Are you making informed decisions?

Great Job, LR!

Hello Seniors Families and Friends. As many of you know, we are always happy to catch someone on our staff doing the right things right. Please meet LR. LR has been with us now for about 9 months. The clients that LR cares for rave about her knowledge and kindness. She always arrives on time with a smile and she always does a good job. Here at Golden Heart, when a caregiver does the things they are supposed to do, we reward them. They can turn these rewards for gift cards like LR has done here. If you would like to know how to earn extra money for doing your job, please contact Golden Heart Senior Care and ask how.