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Congratulations Office Team on Receiving The Golden Heart Award of Excellence!

Congratulations to Melissa, Natasha and Blanca for being honored today with the Golden Heart Award of Excellence. These three are the spoke of the wheel managing the day to day needs of our clients and employees. They all have their own, mission critical roles, that they do everyday with smiles on their faces! We are so grateful that this strong team works so cohesively together! Thank you Golden Heart Team! #goldenheartscottsdale

Golden Heart Hosts Executive Roundtable!

Golden heart Senior Care is pleased to announce it hosted Accelerent’s Executive Roundtable today! So many new, great relationships! Great Day!



Golden Heart joins 4C Medical Group for a great event in beautiful Fountain Hills!

Golden Heart is SO HAPPY to participate in this event in Fountain Hills, sponsored by the 4C Medical Group/ Optum. A beautiful, windy evening with everyone connecting from the community. We brought Emilie, our daughter and mascot, to help out! She had to physically hold the banner in place but explained our services to all joining us. A wonderful evening and lots of opportunities for all! #goldenheartscottsdale

Does Your Parent Have Bronchitis?

Bronchitis is the inflammation of the mucous membranes of the lungs. As they swell with inflammation, the airways become constricted, which causes coughing fits. The coughing then inflames the airways even more, creating a vicious cycle that can lead to breathlessness and a cough that doesn’t know when to quit. Bronchitis usually lasts 1-3 weeks but bad cases can last longer. If you or your elder care provider have noticed your parent coughing a lot lately, you might be wondering if he has bronchitis. Bronchitis is recognized by the following symptoms.

  • Coughing spells. If your parent has been having persistent coughing spells, he might have bronchitis. The coughs most often linked to bronchitis are short and weak but occur often. Your parent might find he cannot find rest between his coughing spells.
  • Excessive phlegm. After a couple days of having a cough, your parent may notice that he is now producing a lot of phlegm with his hacking cough. The phlegm can be white, yellow, or green but if it’s colored with streaks of blood, bring your parent in to get examined as soon as possible. It could mean he has tuberculous or another serious condition.
  • A constricted or tight chest. Chronic bronchitis often causes a heavy pain in the chest that gets worse when a person tries to take a deep breath. It can be quite uncomfortable and somewhat scary. If your parent is suffering from this, your elder care provider can bring him into his doctor to get some anti-inflammatory pain relievers prescribed to help alleviate the discomfort.

    Elder Care in Fountain Hills AZ
  • Wheezing. When the airways are constricted, as they often are with bronchitis, your parent may notice a whistling sound occurs when he breathes out. It usually disappears once the bronchitis is cleared up, but if your parent is also struggling with breathlessness and extreme swelling, his doctor may prescribe an inhaler to help relieve this symptom.
  • Breathlessness. Usually breathlessness only occurs with extreme cases of bronchitis. If your parent is having a hard time catching his breath after physical activity or after his coughing spells, this will be another reason his doctor may prescribe an inhaler. Keep the inhaler always within reach of your parent so he can use it whenever he feels he cannot catch his breath. Make sure his elder care provider is aware of his inhaler so she can ensure he uses it when they spend time together.
  • Low-grade fever. If the bronchitis is brought on by a bacteria, your parent may develop a low-grade fever. Antibiotics can help treat this symptom as well as over the counter painkillers and fever reducers. If your parent’s fever goes above 102 degrees, you should have him visit his doctor to make sure his bronchitis has not developed into pneumonia.
  • Fatigue. Because your parent’s body is using a lot of its energy to fight off this infection and because the coughing associated with bronchitis often affects sleep, your parent may feel especially fatigued. Encourage naps and general rest while he’s recuperating so that his body can gather all the strength it needs to restore him to good health again.

As always, keep your parent’s doctor informed of any changes in his health so his doctor can help you make informed decisions on the best care for your parent.

If you or an aging loved one is considering hiring elder care in Fountain hills, AZ, please call the caring staff at Golden Heart Senior Care of Scottsdale at (480) 284-7360. We are here to help!


Looking to increase employee productivity and reduce employee absenteeism?

Introducing Advantage Care by Golden Heart

Let Golden Heart Senior Care help your team members care for a loved one in need of quality care.

Advantage Care by Golden Heart Senior Care offers discounted hourly rates on professional caregiving services so that your employees can be at their best knowing their loved ones are in good hands. The stress of having to care for a loved one leads to decreased performance, tardiness, absenteeism and increased time-off.

You can feel confident when recommending Golden Heart Senior Care because of our commitment to delivering quality care. Each of our W-2 employees go through a national criminal background check, drug testing and driving record review. Golden Heart believes in a hands-on approach and is involved with the client’s care every step of the way. Our Golden Heart Caregivers are available from a minimum of 4 hours or up to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our staff includes CNAs, LNAs, RNs, LPNs and AZ Certified Caregivers, providing us the best resources in the Valley. Our initial assessments are free and there are no contracts or deposits.

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Golden Heart Senior Care serves 94 zip codes in the Valley and is bonded and insured. We are AAA+BBB Accredited and a Top 100 Woman Owned Business in Phoenix for 4 years in a row.

Laurie Malone attends Connect X/Dynamic Women for Success Event!

Thank you Jason A. Monczka for inviting me to your Connect X/ Dynamic Women for Success event. A great group of Super Women! Grateful! So absolutely happy to be out with smart, motivated people!

Many, many mutual friends of friends were here tonight. I believe fundamentally there is a Huge Value in Association ( not for connection sake), but real, authentic opportunities to meet people not for personal or business gain… but for meeting and enjoying people’s stories. Each person’s story tonight has stuck with me and leaves me with a desire to help them in some way if I can.

This Pandemic, at least for My Family and our business has been a valuable, life-changing reset. We can always learn from someone new. Small conversations matter.

Everyone attending- all ages and different reasons for being there- were present and interested. I am privileged to have been there.

Here’s to getting us all together soon. Rodney Malone and I are blessed to be getting back out there! See you all soon! Everyone stay well and, if you wish, get vaccinated. It is our Super Power! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Golden Heart Senior Care is partnering with WHEN to Offer Well -Being Programs for our employees!

WHEN and Golden Heart Senior Care Partner to Offer Well-Being Programs

Individuals Achieve Well-Being Success, Happiness and Personal Fulfillment

WHEN combines mindful methodology with advanced technology to deliver private, online advising and one-on-one guidance from a professionally trained WHEN Advisor. WHEN is making strides to improve the overall quality of life for each client with individually tailored programs in Career, Being, and Health. All three programs have a direct impact on each client’s purpose, happiness, and wellbeing.

“We look forward to working together to improve the lives of our team. Team WHEN’s passion is wonderful and we are proud to embark on this relationship together. Work and Life are different when you have Purpose and Intention. So WHEN… we are ready to go!” ~ Laurie Malone, Managing Partner & CEO, Golden Heart Senior Care

“The WHEN Program showed me how to put myself first, remember that self-care is important, and to just breathe.” ~ WHEN Being Member, Feb. 2021


For more information: or 855.943.WHEN and mention L. Malone

This Could Be The Well-Being Program You’ve Been Looking For! For more information: www.findyourwhen.

Welcome back Blanca!

Golden Heart is thrilled to welcome back Blanca (r) to our Office Team. Melissa (l) is our Office Manager and keeps it all going. Blanca is re-joining as our Evening and Weekend On Call Manager! Very excited to have her back. As our clients and caregivers know, we have 24/7 live answered (480) 622-3557 line by our team. #goldenheartscottsdale

Why Your Parents Need POAs and Advance Directives

National Healthcare Decisions Day started more than a decade ago. It always falls on the day after Tax Day in hopes of getting people to start thinking about advance care planning. Whether your parents are downsizing and making a move to a new location or want to age at home, they need to have a care plan in mind.

In addition to the discussions you and your parents need to have about their ability to complete activities of daily living, you also need to talk to them about advance directives and powers of attorney. If they don’t have these protections in place, it’s time for them to take that step.

What Is an Advance Directive?

An advance directive or living will is a legal form that tells healthcare professionals what a person would or wouldn’t want to do in different situations. It covers issues like whether you’d want to be kept alive by machines, put on a ventilator while you recover from a disease, or given a feeding tube.

You can discuss your wishes for organ and tissue donation. It’s also a good place to make it known if your religious beliefs prevent you from accepting blood or surgeries. Advance directives also can include DNR orders. In some states, “Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment” (POLST) is discussed with your parent’s doctor and signed by both the doctor and your parent.

There are forms online that you can print out and sign in front of a notary. A trip to an elder law attorney can also ensure these forms are completed correctly and filed with doctors.

What Is a Power of Attorney?

A durable power of attorney or medical power of attorney is also important. If something happens to your parent and they cannot speak up, they can name a person (an agent) they trust to make medical decisions for them. If your dad had a stroke and was unable to speak, he could name you as his power of attorney and have you make decisions.

There is also a financial power of attorney. If your parents can’t pay their bills or make financial decisions, a power of attorney gives an agent permission to help. Again, your mom or dad picks the person they trust to make these decisions.

With a power of attorney, a full recovery revokes the agent’s power until or if it’s needed again. It doesn’t have to be a permanent role.

Help With Activities of Daily Living

The final part of a care plan is to make sure your parents are able to live independently. Senior care aides help with this. Senior care aides can cook, clean, and help your parents at home or at area medical centers or stores.

If you or an aging loved one is considering hiring senior care in Cave Creek, AZ, please call the caring staff at Golden Heart Senior Care of Scottsdale at (480) 284-7360. We are here to help!