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Congratulations Eddie and Melissa!

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! Congratulations to Eddie and Melissa! We are excited to announce the following new opportunities that have been filled for our office team. With our growth ( for which we are extremely grateful) , we needed to elevate and re-align the office team.

We are pleased to welcome Eddie to our team as Director of Business Affairs! Eddie has a long tenured career in senior care- branch manager at a major home care; ED at a major Assisted Living facility ( 400 beds) ( he has his Assisted Living Manager’s license ) and placement. Eddie is the real deal and we are happy to have him!
Eddie’s role is all office administration. Welcome Eddie!

Secondly, Melissa has been moved into a new role as Client Coordinator/Recruiting Manager role. Melissa is highly focused on client care and experiences!

We are very happy to have these two in these roles! Melissa has been with our Company a long time and this role is perfect for her skill set and interest.

If you or an aging loved one is considering hiring home care in Scottsdale, AZ, please call the caring staff at Golden Heart Senior Care of Scottsdale at (480) 284-7360. We are here to help!

Congratulations Kim for your Golden Heart “Above and Beyond Award!”

Golden Heart Senior Care is proud to announce Kim, our Lead Scheduler, is awarded the “Above and Beyond Award!”
We have been short staffed in the office and Kim has stepped in and dealt with everything coming her way with grace and professionalism. We are very grateful for her incredible hard work and charting new waters ably! Kim will receive a bonus for her Award. Thank you Kim!

What Does the Delta Variant Mean for Your Mom’s Activities?

Just as your mom was getting used to seeing her children and grandchildren again, the Delta variant of COVID-19 hit. After her vaccination, she started visiting friends more, having her entire family stop by throughout the week, and having her grandchildren around to help with meals.

The delta variant is spreading faster, but there’s good news, too. Of the 163+ million people vaccinated against COVID-19, approximately 0.01 percent have gotten the variant and had to be hospitalized. The majority of those people have not become seriously ill or even noticed they had COVID-19.

That doesn’t mean your mom shouldn’t stay proactive. Her safety has to come first. Here’s what you need to do when arranging visits with your mom.

Make Sure Visitors Are Fully Vaccinated

Your cousin offers to drive your mom to the grocery store each weekend. You happen to know your cousin isn’t vaccinated, but your mom is. Before saying okay, make sure you’re comfortable with someone who isn’t vaccinated being in your mom’s home.

While the vaccine protects your mom, you have to consider how comfortable she is with others who aren’t vaccinated. She may not be, and that’s okay. If your mom has underlying conditions or allergies that kept her from getting the vaccination, she needs to be extra careful about who spends time with her.

Wear Masks and Keep Washing Hands

When you’re with your mom, everyone should wear a mask. If someone is a carrier without realizing it, a mask lowers the risk of spreading it. It should be tight-fitting, as a loose mask is not enough to stop droplets from flying. Ideally, she wants a mask that extends from the bottom of her chin to the bridge of her nose.

Keep washing hands when you’re with your mom. If you cough or sneeze, wash your hands. Wipe down surfaces like faucet handles, doorknobs, light switches, and appliance handles. Sterilizing surfaces is a must after someone has been in your mom’s house.

Talk to Her Doctor

Ask your mom’s doctor if there’s a way to get a notification when booster COVID shots are available. While they’re not currently available, the day may come when they are necessary. Your mom should be first in line.

Schedule the Same Caregiver

Choose one caregiver to help your mom for now. It lowers her exposure to others. Personal care at home services are an excellent way to choose one caregiver to spend time at her home. It reduces the amount of traffic in her home, which lowers the risk of someone being a carrier and bringing COVID to your mom. Call an agency to schedule personal care at home today.



If you or an aging loved one is considering hiring personal care at home in Apache Junction, AZ, please call the caring staff at Golden Heart Senior Care of Scottsdale at (480) 284-7360. We are here to help!

There’s More to Home Safety Than a Clutter-Free Layout

You worry about your mom and dad being safe as they age at home. Their older home has multiple levels, including a basement laundry room. Arthritis, muscle weakness, and chronic health conditions make it harder for them to get around on their own.

While you can help out on weekends, you worry about home safety when you’re not there. How do you heighten home safety for them? Removing clutter is often the first thing families think of, but it’s not enough. Here are the other factors to consider.

Research Their Medications

Some medications are known to make you feel queasy. They can make you lightheaded and drowsy. Eating certain foods, taking over-the-counter supplements and remedies, or drinking alcoholic beverages with certain medications increases the risks of adverse side effects.

Go over the medications your mom and dad take. See if there are contraindications listed. If there are, make sure your parents know what they have to avoid. For example, your mom’s blood thinners may be less effective if she eats foods that are high in vitamin K, such as asparagus, broccoli, cabbage, and kale.

Arrange Rooms to Eliminate the Risk of a Fall

Look at the home layout. Your mom and dad have an older cape. Bedrooms are on the top floor, but the bathroom is on the main floor. If your parents need to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, they have to walk downstairs in the dark. If they turn on lights to be safer, it may wake them up, making it hard to go back to sleep.

If there is a room downstairs that you can convert to a bedroom, do so. It’s better to eliminate trips up and down the stairs at night.

Check Out Home Care Services

If your parents are prone to falling, support from home care aides is essential at certain times. It comes down to the times when your mom or dad is most likely to fall.

Your mom takes a blood thinner that makes her lightheaded for a couple of hours. She should have a caregiver with her after she takes it. She has the caregiver to watch her and make sure she’s okay on stairs, while walking around the house, or when taking a shower.

Suppose your dad has fallen in the past and can’t stand in the shower since breaking his ankle. A caregiver can be there to help him step out of the shower.

With home care, your parents have the help they need with ambulation, medication reminders, meals, household chores, and more. Call to learn more.

If you or an aging loved one is considering hiring home care in Phoenix, AZ, please call the caring staff at Golden Heart Senior Care of Scottsdale at (480) 284-7360. We are here to help!


Scottsdale-based Golden Heart Senior Care announces today the acquisition of certain assets and caregivers of Desert Point Home Care, a local non-medical home care company who has successfully grown in the Valley since 2017. As of today, Golden Heart will continue all operations as previously managed, for Desert Point clients and caregivers.

“We have looked for some time for the right company to fit our client-based, high touch approach to home care,” says Laurie Malone, Managing Partner & CEO of Golden Heart Senior Care. “Desert Point Home Care, with all five-star reviews, great client and employee feedback, brings that like-minded approach to the clients they serve. Kimberly and Ron Hutcherson have done a great job of growing their business, with service needs as first priority. We are very excited to have their clients and employees join the Golden Heart Team. This will be a seamless ‘win-win’ transition. Desert Point is the perfect acquisition to expand our geographic footprint and ability to serve more seniors.”

Desert Point Home Care, headquartered in Scottsdale, is owned by Kimberly Hutcherson, President and Ron Hutcherson, Vice President.

Kimberly Hutcherson states, “Ron and I have made the difficult decision to sell our business. The time has come for us to start a new chapter in our lives. We have considered moving out of state, or at least out of the Phoenix area. With that in mind, we started the process of looking for someone to carry on with our clients and team we have built. Laurie and Rodney Malone are the owners of Golden Heart Senior Care with a fantastic structure and team. They are experienced in providing excellent care for their clients and they will do an amazing job of caring for our clients moving forward as well. Ron and I feel our team of caregivers are in good hands with Golden Heart, and we know they’ll have the support needed to be fantastic.”

Golden Heart Senior Care is a non-medical home care company focused on care for seniors, wherever they live, in 94 zip codes. Golden Heart Senior Care is owned by Laurie Malone, Managing Partner & CEO and Rodney Malone, Partner & COO. Golden Heart Senior Care is one of the “Largest Women Owned Businesses in Phoenix” by Phoenix Business Journal, four years in a row; AAA+++ BBB Accredited; a member of HCAOA (Home Care Association of America); and Approved Senior Network. For more information, visit