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Hot Weather Hygiene Tips For Seniors

Taking care of daily hygiene can be challenging for seniors even when the weather isn’t warm, but it can be especially challenging when the hot summer weather comes. Everyone can struggle to stay fresh and feel cool when the temperatures soar. Seniors can get personal care at home to help them maintain their hygiene. Personal care at home can also help seniors with tasks like getting dressed and showering. Some hot weather hygiene tips that seniors can use to be cool and confident all summer include:

Get A Sweat Proof Sunscreen

Seniors who are going out in the sun need to wear sunscreen. But regular sunscreen can wear off and it can wear off very quickly when seniors are sweating. If it’s very warm outside seniors should wear sport sunscreen or sweat resistant sunscreen so that it lasts. Otherwise seniors may be out in the sun for hours with no protection. That can lead to serious sunburn and other heat-related problems. A sweat proof sunscreen that is reapplied regularly while seniors are outdoors is the best choice.

Use Baby Wipes To Freshen Up

Baby wipes are something seniors should always have with them. Unscented or scented baby wipes are a great tool to use to freshen up. Seniors can use them to wipe away sweat if the day is really warm. And they can use baby wipes after using the bathroom to take care of any residual odor that might linger because of the heat and sweat. It’s a good idea for seniors to keep baby wipes in their bag, purse, fanny back, or in a pocket so that they can discreetly grab a couple if they need them.

Apply Powder When Getting Dressed

Baby powder that is talc free is safe to use and can make seniors a lot more comfortable. Baby powder can prevent odor, uncomfortable wetness, and rashes. Seniors can also use diaper cream to avoid getting heat rashes on their legs or arms. If your senior parent hates the feel of baby powder they should try anti-chafing gel. This product goes on like smooth like a gel but dries to a soft powder finish so it has all the advantages of powder but is easier and less messy to apply. Anti-chafing gel can be used between any folds of skin or anywhere skin rubs to prevent friction, skin tags, and rashes.

Wash Sheets At Least Once A Week

Seniors should be washing their sheets at least once a week when the weather is hot. Wash sheets in hot water to kill any odor-causing bacteria. It’s also a good idea to use only natural fiber sheets like cotton or linen. Natural fiber sheets will allow for good air circulation and that will help seniors who tend to sweat at night. There’s less chance of seniors getting skin infections, rashes, and other skin disorders from their sheets in the summer when they are washed regularly once a week. Use unscented soap or soap created to wash baby bedding so that seniors don’t have any kind of reaction to the soap used to wash their bedding.

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Thank You!

Hello Senior Community. Friends come in all shapes and sizes. Since my most recent journey, these two gentlemen have welcomed me and been extremely supportive. You know who you are based on the picture. I won’t say your name, but I will say thank you for being wind under my heavy wings. You gentlemen have been and continue to be wonderful to me. Thank you.

Today Was A Good Day!

Hello Senior Community. Every endeavor has those elements you don’t like but the end goal being achieved makes it worth it. We go to wherever our client lives. Clients live in all kinds of places. This place has always put a smile on my face. More importantly, getting out to see and help clients gives me a warm feeling in my heart. I just want the Community to know that today was a fantastic day!!!

Online and Phone Scams That Put Seniors at Risk

June 15th is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. It’s estimated that five million older Americans are the victims of abuse each year. When it comes to elder abuse, it’s not just physical abuse. Financial abuse is also prevalent and leads to financial losses of as much as $36.5 billion each year. While many older adults experience physical, emotional or financial abuse by people they know, they can also be victimized by strangers. Scams and fraud accounted for about $1.7 billion of those financial losses in 2020. Here are a few scams to watch out for, and how elder care can help.

Computer Repair Scams

If your mom gets a call that her computer is infected and that she needs to allow access to her computer to have the repair completed, make sure she knows to ignore it. Keep her laptop updated with a security suite to prevent malware, spyware, and viruses.

Lottery Scams

Some emails will say you’ve won a lottery and need to pay the taxes upfront to claim it. That’s now how it works. If your mom really won the lottery, she would get the money and pay the taxes on her yearly income taxes. State lotteries often deduct the taxes right from the amount she’s won to make it easy.

Shipping Emails and Text Messages

One of the most prevalent email or text scams right now tells you that your package wasn’t delivered and that you need to click a link to arrange redelivery. If you click that link, you might end up with a virus that then proceeds to demand payment to fix it.

The other way this scam works is by requesting payment to schedule a delivery. Make sure your mom keeps track of her shipments and knows to avoid any messages that say delivery failed. If it was truly a failed delivery, she’d know from the retailer’s shipping status page.

Romance Scams

Your mom is on social media and has some random guy compliment her. Eventually, he’s saying he’s fallen in love and starts to ask her to send money so that he can see her. This is one of the most common scams.

Set your mom’s social media accounts to private and don’t allow people who are not in her friend’s list to send her messages. If she does get a message, make sure she knows not to send any money or download any files the person sends.

Keep Your Mom From Being Alone

As much as you try to educate your mom on the current online and phone scams, you can only do so much. You can’t be with her all day when scammers are more likely to call her. You can arrange to have elder care aides with her. They’ll answer the phone for her and help her go through her messages and emails.

Elder care aides are a great tool in avoiding scams and helping your mom avoid financial abuse. Call a home care agency to learn more.


If you or an aging loved one is considering elder care in Paradise Valley, AZ, please call the caring staff at Golden Heart Senior Care of Scottsdale at (480) 284-7360. We are here to help!

Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce Event

Hello Senior Community. As part of being involved in the community, we are actively involved with the Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber had an event that was hosted at Ravenscroft. They have weekly concerts, fantastic food and a wonderful building that is like no other in Phoenix. Ravenscroft is definitely worth a visit to see how a local musician and his wife is giving back to the community. Great job Ravenscroft.