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Six Highly Effective Fall Prevention Tips for Seniors

Falls are something that seniors need to take seriously because they can lead to life-changing injuries and a loss of independence. There are plenty of proactive steps that seniors can take to prevent falls, however, and improve overall safety in their homes. Often it’s easier to keep seniors safe at home with the help of home care providers because they’re uniquely positioned to know what seniors need and how to help them stay as safe as possible.

Wear Solid, Non-slip Shoes

Wearing the right footwear is crucial for fall prevention. Seniors should opt for sturdy, well-fitting shoes with non-slip soles. Avoid high heels, open-back or loose-fitting shoes, and flip-flops, as they can increase the risk of trips and falls. Choosing shoes with low heels, good arch support, and non-skid soles helps seniors to have a solid foundation while they’re walking. Ensuring a proper fit is essential, as ill-fitting shoes can impair balance and stability.

Use Mobility Aids

Mobility aids can provide valuable support and stability for seniors. Using assistive devices such as canes, walkers, or grab bars can enhance balance and reduce the risk of falls. It is vital to choose the appropriate aid based on individual needs and consult with a healthcare professional for proper fitting and training on how to use them safely. Regular maintenance and adjustments should also be performed to ensure optimal functionality and safety.

Make Home Modifications

Modifying the home environment can significantly reduce fall hazards, too. Simple adjustments like installing handrails along staircases, adding grab bars in bathrooms, securing or removing loose rugs, improving lighting, and decluttering walkways can make a significant difference. Seniors should also ensure that commonly used items are within easy reach, reducing the need for stretching or balancing on unstable surfaces.

Build Strength and Balance

Regular exercise and activities that focus on strength and balance can improve stability and reduce the risk of falls for seniors. Engaging in activities such as walking, tai chi, yoga, or even water aerobics can help strengthen muscles, improve coordination, and enhance balance. Seniors should consult with healthcare professionals to develop an appropriate exercise plan tailored to their abilities and needs before starting a new plan for exercise.

Address Risk Factors

Identifying and addressing risk factors that contribute to falls is essential. Seniors should work with their doctors to manage chronic conditions, review medications for potential side effects or interactions that may affect balance or cognition, and undergo vision and hearing check-ups regularly. Maintaining overall health and addressing risk factors can significantly reduce the likelihood of falls.

Work with Home Care Providers

Elder care providers can play a vital role in fall prevention for seniors. These professionals can assist with daily activities, provide companionship, and offer support in navigating the home environment safely. They can help with mobility and transfer, provide medication reminders, and ensure the home is safe from hazards as much as possible. Collaborating with home care providers allows seniors to receive personalized assistance and care, enhancing their safety and well-being.

Preventing falls is absolutely an essential aspect of planning for the safety and independence of seniors. Family caregivers need to keep all of these tips in mind while they’re helping their aging adults to plan for future safety.

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It’s Hot Outside, so Make Sure Your Mom Stays Cool

The first week of July saw the world break the hottest global temperature since records for global highs have been recorded. A day later, the record was broken again when the global temperature reached 62.92 degrees Fahrenheit.

In southern regions of the U.S., heat waves have been affecting states like Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Florida. The Eastern Seaboard and New England are also experiencing extremely hot weather that isn’t going away. For an older adult, this heat is dangerous.

Your mom lives alone, and you can only check on her with a phone call as you’re on the other side of the country. How do you make sure she’s staying cool when it’s so hot outside?

Is It Time for a New AC?

If your mom’s home doesn’t have central AC, you may want to consider looking into energy-efficient window AC systems. With ENERGY STAR rebates available, she can get an AC system for a lot less. There are also tax incentives for heat pump AC systems if she wants to take advantage of an energy-efficient system for her home.

What If She Doesn’t Have AC?

If your mom doesn’t have an AC system, she can keep her home cooler by closing the blinds and keeping sunlight from warming her rooms. A floor fan or ceiling fans help keep air moving, which will make her rooms feel cooler. If she sits in front of a fan, she’ll feel cooler.

When it’s extremely hot, wearing damp clothing keeps her core body temperature lower. Dampen a T-shirt in the sink and wear that. When it dries out, repeat the process.

She needs to stay hydrated. If she’s on medications to lower fluid retention, talk to her doctor about how much water she should be drinking. If there are no limits, two liters is a good goal, but excessive sweating can increase the amount she needs.

If she doesn’t like drinking a lot of water, stock her refrigerator and fruit bowl with fruits that have high water content. Oranges, berries, watermelon, and cantaloupe are excellent options.

Finally, make sure she stays inside during the hottest times of the day. Generally, this is from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. If she needs to take a walk, she should go first thing in the morning and after dinner.

Rely on In-Home Care to Support Your Mom

Arrange in-home care services for your mom. You might not live close by, but that doesn’t mean she has to go without anyone checking in for weeks or even months. A caregiver can stop by and make sure her AC is running and that she has access to clean water for showers and staying hydrated.

In-home care aides can clean your mom’s home, take her shopping, and schedule HVAC services if her AC system isn’t working effectively. Learn more about home care services by making a call.


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Online and Phone Scams That Put Seniors at Risk

June 15th is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. It’s estimated that five million older Americans are the victims of abuse each year. When it comes to elder abuse, it’s not just physical abuse. Financial abuse is also prevalent and leads to financial losses of as much as $36.5 billion each year. While many older adults experience physical, emotional or financial abuse by people they know, they can also be victimized by strangers. Scams and fraud accounted for about $1.7 billion of those financial losses in 2020. Here are a few scams to watch out for, and how elder care can help.

Computer Repair Scams

If your mom gets a call that her computer is infected and that she needs to allow access to her computer to have the repair completed, make sure she knows to ignore it. Keep her laptop updated with a security suite to prevent malware, spyware, and viruses.

Lottery Scams

Some emails will say you’ve won a lottery and need to pay the taxes upfront to claim it. That’s now how it works. If your mom really won the lottery, she would get the money and pay the taxes on her yearly income taxes. State lotteries often deduct the taxes right from the amount she’s won to make it easy.

Shipping Emails and Text Messages

One of the most prevalent email or text scams right now tells you that your package wasn’t delivered and that you need to click a link to arrange redelivery. If you click that link, you might end up with a virus that then proceeds to demand payment to fix it.

The other way this scam works is by requesting payment to schedule a delivery. Make sure your mom keeps track of her shipments and knows to avoid any messages that say delivery failed. If it was truly a failed delivery, she’d know from the retailer’s shipping status page.

Romance Scams

Your mom is on social media and has some random guy compliment her. Eventually, he’s saying he’s fallen in love and starts to ask her to send money so that he can see her. This is one of the most common scams.

Set your mom’s social media accounts to private and don’t allow people who are not in her friend’s list to send her messages. If she does get a message, make sure she knows not to send any money or download any files the person sends.

Keep Your Mom From Being Alone

As much as you try to educate your mom on the current online and phone scams, you can only do so much. You can’t be with her all day when scammers are more likely to call her. You can arrange to have elder care aides with her. They’ll answer the phone for her and help her go through her messages and emails.

Elder care aides are a great tool in avoiding scams and helping your mom avoid financial abuse. Call a home care agency to learn more.


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Holiday Travel Plans: How to Travel Safely with Your Senior

The holiday season is nearly here – Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Years Eve, and New Years Day will be here before you know it. If you and your elderly loved one have plans to travel, there are some holiday travel plans that can help. Many senior citizens struggle when traveling. However, hopefully, these tips can help.

Talking to Their Doctor

Before you travel with your elderly loved one, you may want to have them see their doctor first. If your elderly loved one has a medical condition, it is best to see if their doctor believes it is safe for them to travel, especially if they will be travelling via airplane. If the doctor says it is fine, but they should have someone with them at all times and you can’t do that, you can get companion care at home services.

Packing the Proper Clothing Items

The weather will be getting colder soon. Many senior citizens may forget to pack the proper clothing. For example, your elderly loved one may think to pack pants, but they may forget to pack long-sleeve shirts. You may need to go to your elderly loved one’s house to ensure they are packing all the proper clothing items. If you don’t have time to help them pack, you can have one of their companion care at home providers help with this.

Food and Hydration

Does your elderly loved one have any special dietary needs? If so, this is something that should be considered before going on the trip. For example, will you be driving to the destination? If so, how long is the drive? Do you need to pack snacks or other food to ensure your elderly loved one’s dietary needs are being met?

It is also important to remember hydration. Many people don’t realize how important hydration is all year long. It isn’t only important in the hot weather. Even when it is colder, people need to stay hydrated. Make sure your elderly loved one always has a water bottle on hand.


Do you plan to travel with your elderly loved one this fall or winter? If so, hopefully, these holiday travel plans can help out. If needed, don’t forget you can always get companion care at home services. Companion care providers can help with preparing your elderly loved one for the travel plans. They may be able to help out when you go on the trip, as well. It is important to make sure your elderly loved one is up for the travelling before going. If they don’t feel up to it, you may need to have someone stay at home with them or change the plans this year.



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