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Personality Changes and Dementia: What Do You Need to Know?

Confusion and memory loss can be easily identified in most cases of dementia. However, at the beginning of the disease, the changes might be subtle. It might not be until thinking about things later that many family caregivers realize their elderly loved one had these issues. If you are caring for your elderly loved one, it is a good idea to learn about personality changes and issues to recognize with dementia.

Issues Following Storylines

Have you recently thought your elderly loved one was absentminded? Maybe, they even seemed inconsiderate when you were telling them a story. This may not be the case at all. Your elderly loved one could be having issues following storylines because of dementia. People who have this disease often have trouble listening to others talk. They may not be able to follow the meaning of what you are saying. Your elderly loved one might have trouble responding because they can’t find the words to use.

Issues with Judgment

Does it seem like your elderly loved one has changed the way they do things? Do they seem much more adventurous than they were in recent years? If these things seem like drastic changes, your elderly loved one might have dementia. It would be a good idea to get them tested by a doctor. In addition, if the judgment issues are serious, you may want to hire elder care providers to stay with your loved one. This way, your loved one doesn’t make any improper decisions.

Losing Interest in Things

Has it seemed like your loved one is aimlessly going through their days? Maybe, they used to participate in senior activities in their community, but recently quit doing that. If your elderly loved one has been losing interest in things they used to enjoy, they could have dementia. Apathy is a common symptom of dementia. If your elderly loved one is having this issue, don’t assume it is just aging. Figure out what is going on. If needed, you can hire elder care providers to see if they can get your loved one to like new or old activities.


These are some of the personality changes and other changes that people often have with dementia. Have you noticed that your elderly loved one is displaying any of these symptoms? If so, then you should have them seen by a doctor. If a dementia diagnosis is given, you can get your loved one the home care services needed to manage this disease. Even if they don’t have dementia, but they have these symptoms, elder care providers might still be able help to reduce these issues.


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