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How Can Home Care Assistance Help You With Self-Care?

It’s estimated that there are 53 million unpaid caregivers in the U.S. helping an older adult. Of those, 89% are helping an older relative. More than half of the unpaid caregivers in the nation are helping an aging parent.

Here’s the problem with being a family caregiver. Almost six out of ten family caregivers feel that they don’t have a choice. Some quit jobs and forgo the income, retirement benefits, and healthcare coverage. Others reduce the number of hours they work.

As they spend more time helping their parent, these caregivers often push aside their needs to socialize, visit the doctor and dentist, and take care of themselves emotionally, mentally, and physically. Does this sound familiar to you?

Home care assistance is one of the best ways to ensure you have the bandwidth to take care of yourself. These are the things professional caregivers can do to ensure you focus on self-care.

Lessen Your Daily Chore List

Every day, you’re busy getting your kids to school, cleaning your home, driving to your dad’s house, and getting him showered, dressed, and ready to eat breakfast. While he waits at the table, you cook his breakfast.

After that, you have to wash dishes, put them away, and take your dad and his dad for the first of their daily walks. You have the carpets to vacuum, a bed to make, and sometimes the laundry needs doing.

It might be an errand day where you take your dad shopping. He might need to refill his prescriptions at the pharmacy. Back at home, you put things where they go.

There’s lunch to prepare, another walk to complete, and dinner to get ready. Once he’s eaten, you have to go home and cook for your children and help them with homework. It’s exhausting.

Home care aides can help lessen your load. You could hire a caregiver to help your dad at home while you run errands. The caregiver could do the housekeeping chores while you take your dad for a walk. You’ll have less to do, and that gives you more time to spend with him doing things that you both enjoy.

Respite Care Services

Have you taken a week off? You don’t have to go on vacation, but you should have a week to yourself. Sleep in late. Catch up on the pile of books you want to read or the movies and shows that have been building up in your queue.

Spend that week with your friends and family. While you’re doing things you enjoy, you don’t have to worry about your dad. He’s getting the help he needs from his home care aide.

Home care assistance is one of the best ways to have enough time for self-care. Instead of being the only person your dad can rely on, hire professional caregivers to help out. Get a list of questions from your dad and close family members and call an agency to discuss home care assistance today.


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