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Four Reasons for Your Senior to Consider Exercising in Water

Any time your senior is planning to exercise, you should talk to her doctor. One type of exercise that her doctor might recommend could be water exercises. These are thorough workouts that can help your senior to be safer in a variety of ways.

The Water Keeps Exercise Low Impact

Low impact exercise is typically more comfortable for a greater percentage of people. The buoyancy of the water helps to support your senior and even if she’s not very strong yet, she can do a lot more in the water than she might be able to do on land. She’s also using the resistance of the water to help to build her muscles.

She’s Far Less Likely to Injure Herself

Part of why this is such a great way to exercise is that your elderly family member is less likely to injure herself while exercising in water. The risk of falling when she’s actively exercising in the water is very small. She’s also far less likely to overwork her muscles or to put herself in a positions where she might cause injury in other ways.

There Are So Many Choices

Your senior may only think about swimming when it comes to exercising in the water, but there are lots of other types of exercise that she might be able to do in the water. Water aerobics are common, but there are also other types of movement, like weightlifting in water, jogging in water, and even yoga in water. All of these different options give your senior a chance to try something new while being supported by the water.

She Might Meet New Friends

The social benefits your senior might experience are just as important. It’s likely she’ll meet other people who have similar interests as her own and that she’ll have a lot of fun with them. Often classes have a social element to them when people are able to move freely and talk a bit. Your elderly family member may find that this is a great way to engage with others while she takes steps to move more regularly.

Moving more doesn’t have to be boring and it doesn’t have to feel dangerous to your senior. Most water exercises are offered at a community pool of some sort. If your elderly family member doesn’t feel comfortable driving, home care providers might be the perfect way to help her get there safely and ensure she’s got what she needs.

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