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Managing Incontinence with the Help of Personal Care at Home

Addressing incontinence issues is something that many seniors avoid doing because it’s so embarrassing. The right approach can help aging adults get the support they need to deal with such a sensitive subject, however. Personal care at home can help seniors and family caregivers understand incontinence, find and use the right products, and schedule bathroom visits for best results.

Understand Incontinence

There are so many different possible causes for incontinence. It can affect people of all ages and it can be a temporary condition. Aging, health issues, neurological disorders, and other factors can all influence whether someone is battling incontinence or not. Many people can reverse their incontinence issues simply by dealing with the underlying health issues if that is the cause.

Choose the Right Products

In the midst of the battle with incontinence, the right products matter. The good news is that there are so many different incontinence products available these days for people to try. Adult diapers, pads, and protective underwear could all be part of the plan for helping a senior with continence issues stay dry and clean. What’s most important is that the products fit properly, are comfortable, and that they absorb fluids well.

Prioritize Skin Care

Skin care is incredibly important with incontinence. Exposure to urine can lead to skin irritation and discomfort. It can also get smelly, which is something seniors want to avoid. Frequently changing incontinence products helps quite a lot. There are also gentle cleansing wipes and products that are useful in between showers and baths. Home care providers can help make changing products and caring for skin easier and they can be on the lookout for anything that indicates seniors are experiencing complications from incontinence, like skin sores.

Set up a Bathroom Schedule

A solid bathroom schedule can do so much to help seniors avoid accidents with incontinence. Even if they don’t feel as if they need to go, taking that time for a pit stop every so often helps to keep their bladders empty. Caregivers can set reminders and help seniors have access to facilities when they’re ready for a bathroom break. A set schedule also makes it easier for seniors to do things like continue to drink plenty of fluids throughout the day. They might resist doing this for fear of an accident, but regular bathroom breaks mean they’ll be emptying their bladders often throughout the day.

Personal Care at Home Is a Huge Help

Personal care at home is a true partner when dealing with something like incontinence. Personal caregivers understand why this is such an embarrassing issue and they approach it with compassion and respect. They know what types of solutions to suggest and can help seniors get to the bathroom if mobility is a contributing factor to incontinence.

Dealing with incontinence properly means addressing all of the various factors that might be making the situation worse. Personal care at home knows what to watch out for and how to help aging adults deal with the situation safely and sensitively.

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