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7 Reasons Personal Care at Home is Right for Your Senior

After his stroke, your dad’s ability to take care of himself has changed. If you haven’t stopped to consider the benefits of personal care at home, now is the time. These are seven ways caregivers help your dad take care of himself.

Standing Up and Sitting Down Seem Impossible

Your dad needs a walker to move around his home now. Even after weeks of physical therapy, he cannot walk if he’s not supported by his walker.

Because of his limited mobility, one of the areas where he struggles the most is getting out of bed each morning. He cannot do it without help. Personal care at home can be there to offer ambulatory assistance when needed.

He also has a hard time standing up from his favorite chair or spot on the sofa. Again, caregivers can help him with ambulation and transfers.

Your Dad Can’t Feed Himself

A stroke usually affects movements on one side of the body. Your dad’s left hand doesn’t grip well. It’s made it impossible for him to hold a fork or spoon. He can’t feed himself anymore. Personal care at home can do the feeding initially, and help your parent use methods an occupational therapist has taught them to try and re-learn how to feed themselves.

It’s Time for Toileting Assistance

Using the toilet isn’t easy for your dad anymore. He needs reminders to use the toilet. Once there, he needs help sitting down, standing up, and cleaning up after going to the bathroom. With personal care services, he has the help he needs.

Help Getting Dressed

Your dad has to have someone helping him choose outfits for the day. He finds buttons and zippers impossible to manage. Personal care at home ensures he has help getting dressed in clothes that are suitable for the day’s weather.

Skin Care Routines Are Hard to Manage

Your dad’s skin is dry and thinner than it used to be. Since his stroke, he’s unable to do simple things like shave and apply moisturizers. Personal care can make sure he’s shaved and that moisturizers are applied to his skin.

Help With Oral Care

Your dad’s caregivers can brush and floss his teeth for him. If he has a bridge or dentures, the caregivers will help him take care of them, too. If any issues arise, his caregivers alert you to them so that you can schedule appointments with your dad’s dentist.

Assistance With Baths and Showers

Your dad needs a lot of help with his daily shower. He can’t get in and out of the tub or shower on his own. He needs help getting into the shower area and sitting down on the shower seat. Then, he needs help washing his hair and body before rinsing off.

Once he’s clean, he needs help drying off, styling his hair, and getting ready to start his day. His personal care attendants can help him with bathing and showering.

Make arrangements for your dad’s care as soon as you know what will help him. Talk to a specialist in personal care at home to learn more.

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