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Top Signs Doctors Look for When Dementia is Suspected

Are you worried that your elderly loved one might have dementia? Are they forgetting things? Is your elderly loved one especially frustrated during the evenings? If you think your elderly loved one has dementia, it is best to have them see a doctor. There are some signs that doctors usually look for when dementia is suspected. If they find these signs and the tests determine your elderly loved one has dementia, they can make a treatment plan. From there, you can make a plan to care for them at home. This plan might include you helping with their household chores and having them receive companion care at home services.

Loss of Mental Functions

Your elderly loved one’s doctor will look for a loss of mental functions if you or they suspect dementia. They will talk to your elderly loved one to see how they communicate. They will ask questions to see what your elderly loved one can remember or retain. If they determine there is loss of mental functions, a dementia diagnosis could be given. However, they may want to see your elderly loved one more than once to determine if the loss of mental functions are a regular thing.

Forgetting Things Formally Learned

How is your elderly loved one’s recall with things they formally learned? Their doctor will be looking to see if things are forgotten that your elderly loved one has known for a long time. They can measure this by the amount of things your elderly loved one has forgotten from 50 years, 30 years, 10 years, or the last year.

Not Handling Daily Tasks Well

How is your elderly loved one doing with daily tasks? The doctor will ask your elderly loved one if they have difficulties with things such as doing the laundry, vacuuming, making food, or taking their medications. If your elderly loved one isn’t in the proper state to answer these questions, the doctor may need you or a senior companion to answer for them.


Have you thought that your elderly loved one may have dementia? If so, you should schedule a doctor’s appointment for them. The doctor can assess the state of your elderly loved one’s mental functions, ability to do tasks, and recall. If there are significant issues that point to a dementia diagnosis, the doctor may want to order more tests. After all the testing, if a dementia diagnosis is given, your elderly loved one might need companion care at home. They may need you and the senior care providers to help them on a regular basis.


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