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How Companion Care at Home Makes Shopping And Errands Fun For Seniors

When it comes to grocery shopping and running errands, most people will say they consider them a chore rather than a treat. This is probably true for many seniors, especially if they no longer drive, have difficulty walking or struggle to stay motivated alone. This is where companion care at home can step in and provide the companionship and physical and mental support a senior needs to get their errands done. They can even make it fun! If your senior parent is needing both companionship and a helping hand, here are some of the ways companion care at home can help:

Making Getting There Half The Fun

Seniors who don’t drive anymore often hate running errands because it’s a reminder that they can’t drive themselves anymore. They may feel like a burden or even put off doing errands they need to do because they don’t want to ask for help or rides. But with companion care at home seniors have a dedicated driver who will make getting around half the fun of the trip. Listening to music or podcasts, chatting, and enjoying the drive will make errands a lot more fun for seniors.

Taking The Heavy Lifting Out Of Shopping

Part of the reason why shopping is difficult for seniors is that it can be tough for seniors physically to lift items, put them in a cart, unload them onto the checkout, and lift heavy bags out of the cart into the car. Seniors who are shopping with companions have someone they can depend on to do the heavy lifting for them. That way seniors can enjoy shopping without having the physical challenge of shopping. And a companion can also help seniors with things like figuring out their budget and keeping track of their money.

Encouraging Coffee Breaks And Snacks

Coffee and snack breaks are the best part of any errands trip. A caregiver will encourage your senior loved one to take regular breaks to get something to drink and a delicious snack to keep their blood sugar up. This is a great way for seniors to get the social engagement they need to help fight depression and anxiety. And seniors who tend to not eat enough could definitely use a few snack breaks for treats like cookies or even a delicious restaurant lunch.

Helping Seniors Put Everything Away After The Errands Are Done

Seniors are often exhausted at the end of an errands trip, especially if they had appointments like hair cut or nail appointments too. With companion care at home, seniors can go rest after the exertions of the day while their companion puts away their purchases, cleans up bags and receipts and clutter, and makes a hot cup of tea and a snack that they can enjoy while talking about everything they did on that errands trip. Your senior loved one will thrive when they have companion care at home to help with things like shopping or errands.

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