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Breaking Apart the Misconceptions of Dementia

It can be overwhelming for the person who is struggling with dementia. This condition affects memory, comprehension, speech, and much more. There is a lot of confusion behind this condition. Some of the confusion stems from people not fully understanding the condition. If you have an elderly loved one who has dementia, it is important to educate yourself and other family members. Keep reading to learn more about some common dementia misconceptions. By learning about these misconceptions, you can provide and get better dementia care for your elderly loved one.

Dementia is Part of Aging

Many people think dementia is just a part of aging. They believe only people over 70 get diagnosed with this condition. However, there are young people in their 30’s who also have a dementia diagnosis. This is called early-onset dementia. Some studies show that the odds of someone being diagnosed with dementia are higher if they have a brain injury or nervous system disease – no matter how old they are. In addition, some people believe that everyone gets dementia after they reach a certain age. This isn’t true. Not everyone will have dementia when they get older.

Dementia Only Affects The Patient

Dementia often interferes with a person’s daily tasks due to the symptoms the person experiences. Some of the issues that occur include the following:

  • Difficulty with motor control
  • Issues with reasoning

Trouble completing everyday activities

If your elderly loved one is experiencing any of these symptoms, it means they will most likely need assistance from family members or friends. If this is too much or you can’t provide all the care, you can also hire senior care providers to help.

Dementia Can Be Cured

Unfortunately, at this time, there isn’t a cure for dementia. This condition deteriorates a person’s brain cells. However, the symptoms associated with dementia can often be managed for a while with various prescription medications. For example, if your elderly loved one has dementia, their doctor might prescribe them medications to help reduce anxiety and depression.

People with Dementia Become Violent

As a family caregiver, it is important to understand that people with dementia can become frustrated, confused, and often angry. It is quite common for a person with dementia to have aggressive tendencies from time to time. You and your family members can help reduce the aggressive behaviors by practicing patience, using good communications skills, and trying to understand what is behind your loved one’s aggravation. If these behaviors become too much for you to handle or watch, professional senior care providers can help out.


There are many misconceptions about dementia. If you ever have questions about dementia, it is best to talk directly to senior care providers who are trained in this disease and your elderly loved one’s doctors.


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